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What kind of engine does a Dodge Neon have?

What kind of engine does a Dodge Neon have?

Dodge Neon SRT-4
Engine 2.4 L EDV/EDT I4 (t/c gasoline)
Transmission 5-speed NVG T-850 manual
Wheelbase 105.0 in (2,670 mm)

How much is a 1996 Dodge Neon worth?

1996 Dodge Neon Value – $117-$850 | Edmunds.

Is a Dodge Neon a 4 cylinder?

There is a wide range of engine models that fit the Dodge Neon and provide the power necessary for performance. These models include the 1.8L EBD, 2.0L SOHC and DOHC, A588, Magnum, ECC, 2.4L and 2.4L Turbo; all offer a 4-cylinder design known for their fuel efficiency capabilities.

Are Dodge Neons reliable?

The flipside is that reliability is also below average on this car, so you should expect to put some money into repairs. A thorough check by a mechanic is recommended before you buy — steer clear of any Neon with a history of engine or transmission problems.

How much HP can a stock SRT-4 handle?

RE: How much HP are stock SRT-4 motors built to handle? 450hp or so is doable on stock internals.

Is the Dodge Neon SRT-4 reliable?

The engine in the SRT4 Neon was a good engine, but all the vacuum lines controlling the turbo were complete junk. The transmission was also a total piece of crap. It was normal for those to have issues with 2nd gear with 40K miles on them. It’s a Dodge SRT4 not a Neon (owners say that).

Is a Dodge Neon fast?

The 153-mph Dodge Neon SRT-4 sedan is the fastest performance car you can buy for under $21,000. In fact, it’s one of the fastest cars sold for any amount, and is the quickest Dodge next to that automaker’s awesome 500-horsepower Viper sports car.

How long do Dodge Neon engines last?

The Dodge Neon, while not necessarily produced as a reliably high-mileage vehicle, can have a life as long as 200,000 miles with proper care and maintenance.

Are Dodge Neons expensive to fix?

The estimated cost to maintain and repair a Dodge Neon ranges from $80 to $2809, with an average of $247.

How much power can a Dodge Neon srt-4 handle?

Re: stock srt-4 power limit it will put you in the 11’s for a quarter mile and is very streetable horse power. the car can handle 500whp but it will not last too long under hard driving everyday.

Is a Dodge Neon srt-4 fast?

How much is a 1999 Dodge Neon worth?

1999 Dodge Neon Value – $132-$1,346 | Edmunds.