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What is the American Express logo?

What is the American Express logo?

The company’s logo, adopted in 1958, is a gladiator or centurion whose image appears on the company’s well-known traveler’s cheques, charge cards, and credit cards.

Does American Express have a travel agency?

Platinum Travel is a dedicated travel agency, exclusively for Platinum Card Members and your gateway to a world of unique travel opportunities. …

Is American Express A good travel agency?

Amex Travel can be a very useful tool when booking flights, hotels, vacation packages, cruises, or rental cars. In many cases, it may not offer the best rate options, but it’s worth comparing to other booking sites and airlines or hotels directly.

What is American Express known for?

American Express is a leading issuer of personal, small business, and corporate credit cards. The company’s travel-related offerings include traveler’s checks, credit cards, corporate and personal travel planning services, tour packages, and agencies for hotel and car-rental reservations.

Is American Express Visa or Mastercard?

American Express isn’t a Visa or a Mastercard. American Express, Visa and Mastercard are three of the four major card networks, the other being Discover.

Why is the Amex logo a Centurion?

1951, Amex introduces the Centurion as a symbol of security, strength and protection on the Travelers Cheque. 1951, Amex introduces the Centurion as a symbol of security, strength and protection on the Travelers Cheque.

How many American Express points do you need for a flight?

You’ll pay 20,000 or 30,000 points for a one-way ticket in economy, depending on if you’re booking on or off-peak. Alternatively, you can book a business class seat for 50,000 points one-way. Unfortunately, you can’t book these tickets online.

What is best value for Amex points?

Amex points value

Redemption option Estimated value (in cents)
Redeem for gift cards 0.5-1.10
Shop with points 0.5
Pay with your points at checkout 0.7-1.0
Cover your card charges and receive a statement credit 0.6

How much do American Express Virtual travel Consultants make?

Virtual Travel Agent Salaries

Job Title Salary
American Express Global Business Travel Virtual Corporate Travel Consultant salaries – 1 salaries reported $44,327/yr
American Express Global Business Travel Virtual Travel Consultant/Customer Service – Travel Career Program salaries – 1 salaries reported $53,204/yr

Why does American Express have a bad reputation?

Historically, American Express charged higher fees than their competitors, making their cards less attractive to merchants. As if that weren’t enough, American Express also developed a reputation for siding more frequently with the customer than with the business when it came to chargebacks and other disputes.

Who is American Express biggest competitor?

American Express’s main direct credit card competitors are Mastercard, Visa, and Discover. While Mastercard and Visa have a different business model than American Express, they all compete in the credit card space.