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What is Michael in Serbian?

What is Michael in Serbian?

Mihajlo (Serbian Cyrillic: Михајло) is the Serbian variant of the name Michael, predominantly borne by ethnic Serbs. It is also spelled Mihailo (Михаило) and Mijailo (Мијаило).

What nationality is the name Neven?

Neven (Cyrillic script: Невен) is a Slavic masculine given name, it is the masculine form of the feminine Slavic name, Nevena. People named Neven: Neven Jurica (born 1952), Croatian politician.

What is the most common name in Serbia?

Most popular names in Belgrade (Serbia)

Girl names Boy names
Sofija Luka
Dunja Stefan
Sara Lazar
Teodora Vuk

What does name Mihajlo mean?

Who is like God
Meaning. “Who is like God”

What does Luka mean in Serbian?

1. Luka (‘Loo – kah’) – The Most Common Serbian Name For Men. Luka is a male name of Greek origin derived from the word “lux” (Λουκάς) meaning “light” and “shining”.

What does Ana mean in Serbian?

3) Ana: Hebrew origin, meaning “favour” or “grace”. 4)Anja (an-ya): Russian origin, meaning “gracious”. 5) Bojana (bo-yana): Serbian origin, meaning “battle”.

Is Neven a boys name?

Neven as a boy’s name is related to the Latin name Nevin. The meaning of Neven is “saintly”.

What is Neven in English?

English translation:marigold, everlasting (flower)

Is Elena a Serbian name?

Jelena, also written Yelena and Elena, is a Slavic given name. It is a Slavicized form of the Greek name Helen, which is of uncertain origin.

What is Michael in Croatian?

Mihovil: Croatian for Michael, meaning ‘who is like God?’

How do you pronounce Mihajlo?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Mihajlo. mi-ha-j-lo. m-ih-h-AY-l-oh.
  2. Meanings for Mihajlo. A masculine name of Serbian origin that is considered to be a variant of Michael and a notable person who bears this name is Mihajlo Pupin.
  3. Examples of in a sentence. Mihajlo ‘Bata’ Paskaljevic.
  4. Translations of Mihajlo. Tamil : வேண்டும்