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What is different about Alexander revisited the final cut?

What is different about Alexander revisited the final cut?

The extended version was released under the title of Alexander Revisited: The Final Unrated Cut on 27 February 2007. The two-disc set featured a new introduction by Stone. Alexander: Revisited takes a more in-depth look at Alexander’s life and his relationships with Olympias, Philip, Hephaestion, Roxana, and Ptolemy.

Is Alexander final cut better?

While “Alexander: The Ultimate Cut” may still have some problems that no amount of reediting or restructuring can overcome, it is now an incontestably better work than it once was and deserves to be considered as the proper version of the film in the way that the full length “Heaven’s Gate” is now regarded after its …

Is Alexander directors cut better?

The Director’s Cut is a bit clearer than the Theatrical Version, the structure is a bit more demanding and the opening is better designed. Since 1996 Alexander has kept him up at night and for Stone the whole affair was just not finished with just the Theatrical version and the Director’s Cut.

What’s the difference between Alexander and Alexander Revisited?

If the 2004 theatrical “Alexander” (175 minutes) was a rough but powerful brew uncorked in haste, and the 2005 director’s cut DVD (166 minutes) a much smoother ride, “Alexander Revisited: The Final Cut” is the whole damned, magnificent vision — a 213-minute journey, complete with intermission, into the heart and soul …

Is the movie Alexander historically accurate?

Apart from a tendency to view Macedonians and Greeks as one people, the film is more or less historically accurate—aided and abetted by the Oxford scholar Robin Lane Fox, who has no doubt disgraced himself among his colleagues by penning a “making of” book.

Will there be another Alexander the Great movie?

A new promising Hollywood production, an Alexander the Great series tracing the life of the greatest Greek warrior, has been announced by the creators of “Vikings” to be filmed in Greece.

Is there any movie on Alexander the Great?

Alexander (2004): An epic historical drama film based on the life of the Macedonian Greek general and king Alexander the Great was directed by Oliver Stone.

How was Alexander the Great defeated?

Battle of the Hydaspes. Battle of the Hydaspes, (326 bce), fourth and last pitched battle fought by Alexander the Great during his campaign of conquest in Asia. The fight on the banks of the Hydaspes River in India was the closest Alexander the Great came to defeat.

Did Alexander get injured in India?

During a siege, Alexander jumped into the fortified city with only two of his bodyguards and was wounded seriously by a Mallian arrow. His forces, believing their king dead, took the citadel and unleashed their fury on the Malli who had taken refuge within it, perpetrating a massacre, sparing no man, woman or child.

Is Alexander a good film?

Alexander was not a successful film. IMDb rates it at a lowly 5.6, Rotten Tomatoes has a truly damning critic rating of 16% and a slightly better audience rating of 35%. For a director of the stature like Oliver Stone that must hurt.

Was Alexander a flop?

Oliver Stone history epic, Alexander, starring Angelina Jolie, was so bad it dropped the Dublin star, Colin Farrell, into a deep depression – he almost quit acting! It was the movie flop that pushed Colin Farrell into a deep depression and almost convinced him to quit acting for good.