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What does KEC International do?

What does KEC International do?

KEC is in the business of manufacture of transmission towers and erection and laying of power transmission lines on an EPC basis. The company operates as a power transmission engineering, procurement, and construction company worldwide.

Is KEC International a good company?

It is a good company. Benefits are quite low. A person will be getting a competitive salary if he is posted to an international location. Work culture is quite flexible.

Who is owner of KEC?

RPG Group
KEC International/Parent organizations

What are the products of KEC International?

transmissionanddistributions2.jpeg. Power Transmission & Distribution. Power Transmission & Distribution.

  • cables.jpeg. Cables. Cables.
  • Railways2.jpeg. Railway. Railway.
  • solar.jpeg. Solar. Solar.
  • civil.jpeg. Civil. Civil.
  • SmartInfa.jpeg. Smart Infrastructure. Smart Infrastructure.
  • Is KEC International a MNC?

    KEC International Limited is an Indian multinational company and also India’s second largest manufacturer of electric power transmission towers and one of the largest Power Transmission Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) companies in the world.

    What does KEC stand for?


    Acronym Definition
    KEC Kitchen Equipment Contractor (Champaign, IL)
    KEC Kootenai Electric Cooperative
    KEC Kumaon Engineering College (India)
    KEC Kongu Engineering College (Tamilnadu, India)

    Who is Vimal Kejriwal?

    CEO/Managing Director, Kec Intl Ltd.

    What is KEC in construction?

    KEC CIVIL BUSINESS. KEC’s Civil business focuses on the construction of factories, warehouses, residential buildings, railway stations, metros, and sewage & water treatment plants, and comprises of four verticals – A. Infrastructure & Heavy Civil (Metro & Water Projects), B. Industrial & Hydrocarbon (Factories) , C.

    What is the full form of RPG Group?

    Rama Prasad Goenka Group
    The Rama Prasad Goenka Group, commonly known as RPG Group, is an Indian industrial and services conglomerate headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

    Who is the CEO of Ceat?

    Anant Goenka
    Anant Goenka, 30, son of RPG Group chairman Harsh Goenka, will take over as managing director of Ceat, where he is currently deputy managing director — a post the tyre producer created two years ago. Young and abroad-educated Goenka will replace Paras K Chowdhary, 60, who will retire by this month-end. Goenka.

    Is Ceat an Indian company?

    Founded in 1958, CEAT is one of India’s leading tyre brands and the flagship company of the RPG GROUP . Driven by the purpose of helping the world move safely and smartly, CEAT provides world-class products and services across 100+ countries.

    Is CEAT better than MRF?

    CEAT tyres would be the best choice if you want a high-performance tyre for highway and city use at an affordable price. MRF tyres would be the best choice for those people who wanted an excellent gripping and traction performance on both on-road and off-road.