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Is Skoda Rapid TSI worth buying?

Is Skoda Rapid TSI worth buying?

All Skoda Rapid TSI Reviews Extremely pocket friendly with great mileage and hunk grill. The look makes it sexy. Now it’s value for money. They deliver the car within a week and the car was 3 weeks old.

Is the Skoda Rapid reliable?

Along with extremely well-rated running costs, where it was ranked 6th, such feedback gave the Rapid a strong 25th place in the overall survey. As the Rapid uses technology from elsewhere in the VW Group, we would expect it to be extremely reliable.

What is wrong with Skoda Rapid?

The downsides of Skoda are that the after sales service needs to be improved. Its ground clearance is very low, cost of maintenance and spare are expensive, mileage of petrol variants is not satisfying and the diesel engine’s noise and harshness can be reduced.

Is the Skoda Rapid Spaceback a good car?

While the Skoda Rapid Spaceback is a comfortable, capable and practical car in isolation, the budget feel isn’t matched by a particularly budget price. Still, the new 1.0-litre engines are great additions to the range, so if you’re dead-set on a Rapid, the line-up has definitely improved.

Which model is best in Skoda?

Best Skoda Cars in India – New and Used

  1. Skoda Rapid. Skoda Rapid is the most affordable car in the Czech carmaker’s product portfolio for India.
  2. Skoda Octavia. The Skoda Octavia is in its third generation now and is among the highest-selling sedans in the D1-segment.
  3. Skoda Superb.
  4. Skoda Kodiaq.
  5. 15 DAYS.

Does Skoda have a good resale value?

Interestingly the Skoda Superb 162TSI does even worse for resale than the Commodore, hanging on to a mere 33 percent of its $43,990 original retail sticker to sit at $14,516 after three years.

Is Skoda Rapid expensive to maintain?

Skoda Rapid Maintenance Cost The estimated maintenance cost of Skoda Rapid for 5 years is Rs 35,128. The first service after 10000 km is free of cost.

Which is better Skoda Rapid or Honda City?

In technical specifications, Honda City (Top Model) is powered by 1498 cc engine , while Skoda Rapid (Top Model) is powered by 999 cc engine….Honda City vs Skoda Rapid Comparison.

Key Highlights City Rapid
Engine Displacement 1498 cc 999 cc
Power 97.89bhp@3600rpm 108.62bhp@5000-5500rpm
Mileage 24.1 Kmpl 16.24 Kmpl

Why is Skoda expensive?

German engineering is a synonym for reliability and Skoda resonates the same. These cars are highly reliable, be it the engine or the interiors, Skoda can never disappoint on the basis of reliability. This is one of the reasons that the service for Skoda cars is known to be a bit expensive.

Is the Skoda Rapid discontinued?

Skoda India Director, Zac Hollis has confirmed in a tweet that the company is evaluating the timeline to discontinue its entry-level sedan – the Rapid. The new sedan positioned above the Rapid will break cover by the end of this year while the Rapid is likely to go off production by sometime in 2022.

Is Skoda Rapid still made?

The Škoda Rapid (NH) is range of small family car models produced by the Czech manufacturer Škoda Auto. It consists of three body styles: a 5-door liftback, a 5-door hatchback marketed as “Spaceback” and a 4-door sedan sold in China….Škoda Rapid (2012)

Škoda Rapid (NH1/2/3)
Successor Škoda Scala (hatchback)

Which is the cheapest car in Skoda?

Rapid TSI
Skoda car price starts at Rs 7.80 Lakh for the cheapest model which is Rapid TSI and the price of most expensive model, which is Superb starts at Rs 32.02 Lakh.