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Is an IEE Certificate a legal requirement?

Is an IEE Certificate a legal requirement?

If you own an HMO (House in Multiple Occupation), you have a legal obligation to have a periodic inspection carried out on your property every five years. If your property is not an HMO, then you are not legally obliged to get your installation tested on a periodic basis.

Do you need an electrical certificate for commercial property?

If you are a commercial landlord, you have a legal duty of care to your tenant. To comply with laws, as a landlord, you will need to have your property surveyed with an EICR before it is let to tenants. You will also need to ensure that the electrician you have hired is legally registered to perform an EICR.

What is an IEE cert?

Also known as the IEE (Institute of Electrical Engineering) wiring regulations and is the standard that all electrical installations must adhere to. Building Compliance Certificate. Might also be referred to as a Part P certificate.

Who is responsible for commercial EICR?

You must hire a registered electrician to perform the EICR. They will let you know if anything needs changing or improving in order to comply with the Act before the property is let. As the landlord of a commercial property it is your responsibility to arrange periodic inspection and testing of the electrical system.

How often should a commercial property be electrically tested?

every 5 years
It is recommended that electrical installation condition reports be carried out at least every 5 years for commercial properties. This can either be a 100% inspection every 5 years or a 20% inspection every year.

Can a domestic installer issue a EICR?

As long as he follows BS7671 and Guidance Note 3. So to ask a probably stupid question, the NICEIC say on their website that a domestic Installer is not covered to perform an EICR and they must register to become an approved contractor.

Who needs EICR certificate?

BTL or Rented Homes – Under the ‘Landlord and Tenants Act (1985) landlords must ensure that the electrical installation in a rented property is maintained safely throughout a tenancy. To ensure this, BS7671 recommend an EICR test at change of tenancy or at least every 5 years.

Does commercial property apply EICR?

Available for both domestic and commercial properties, an EICR inspection is performed to check a property’s electrical installation and ensure that it is safe and fit for purpose.

Do you need a gas safety certificate for commercial properties?

By law, your business is required to have an in-date commercial Gas Safety Certificate if you have any gas appliances in your premises. This means you need to arrange a commercial gas safety check every year. Once your engineer has completed the assessment, they will give you a copy of your Gas Safety Record form.

How long does a commercial EICR last?

5 years
A safety check is usually recommended every 5 years for commercial properties and every 3 years for industrial ones. But the frequency can vary depending on the electrical system’s age and condition.

Can a domestic installer do commercial work?

Well in the most simple terms, new entrant Domestic Installers are limited to installing single phase in domestic dwellings (houses, flats, bungalows etc etc) as where Commercial Contractors are not limited to just single phase, they can install a variety of cables including single and 3 phase in all sectors ( …

Who can do a EICR Report 2020?

The Law around the EICR has now changed and will come into effect in July 2020. There will a legal onus on all landlords to have a electrical installation condition report in place. They will have to be able to provide this to the tenant, managing agent or local authority within 30 days should they ask.

When to get electrical certificate for commercial premise?

It is highly recommended when undergoing electrical examination and getting your electrical certificate for your commercial premise. All of their electrical engineers are highly trained are NICEIC, ELECSA, and NAPIT registered.

What can you do with a premises licence in Liverpool?

We can grant a premises licence for a business supplying alcohol, entertainment or late night refreshment, on or off the premises. Apply for a premises licence, fee information and more. Apply to vary a licence if you are altering existing activities or operating times.

Why do I need a landlord electrical certificate?

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