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How to call Santa Claus on the App Store?

How to call Santa Claus on the App Store?

Call Santa Claus by click on fake call button and make fun with your friends. Santa call is an app for fun. How to Play? – You Receive Call and Click to Green Button to Accept Call and enjoy. – Fool your friends !!! This is not a real calling and only an imitation! This is only for fun!

Can you refuse service to a Santa Claus call?

Santa Claus Calls and OBX Mystery Dinner LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. In the event of inappropriate conduct on the guest’s end the call will be terminated immediately and the guest will not be refunded. Please Note: Santa Claus Call requires a parent or guardian present at all time of the call.

What’s the number to call Santa for real?

All you have to do is to call the first Santa hotline, and Santa will answer your call. This number will link you to Santa +1 (605)313-4000 when you are in United States, while in the United Kingdom, +44 (0)3306060547 and Ireland, use +353 (0)14372290. A parent can also schedule a time to have Santa call, he is busy you know!

How can I find out where Santa is?

Children can track Santa online using their mobile apps that are available for windows, apple, and Android devices. Children can also call or text 1-877-HiNORAD to know Santa’s location. It uses radars, satellites, specialized cameras, and fighter jets.

When did I play Santa Claus in trouble?

I loved this game as a kid. I spent days playing it. I installed it recently again, just for fun and it hasn’t lost its charm. Huge thanks to the deve

Are there any games where Santa Claus is talking?

Santa Claus who is talking is one of those talking friends games that will keep your child entertained for hours! The game is simple which sorts it among fun talking games for girls and boys. VIRTUAL SANTA CLAUS – TALKING GAME FEATURES: ❄️ Talk to Santa and he will repeat everything you say in a funny voice.

Is it fun to write letters to Santa Claus?

Writing letters to Santa Claus is fun, but talking to Santa is so much better. Get Santa Claus, your own talking friend and listen to him sing Christmas songs, tell jokes and talk back repeating what you say. Even though Christmas is magical enough, this virtual Santa game will be a nice addition to it.