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How much is an IVIS machine?

How much is an IVIS machine?

Estimated Cost: $620,000.00 – $650,000.00 (GST included) Delivery Date: Above-mentioned You are hereby notified that the government intends to negotiate with one firm only as identified above.

What IVIS?

The IVIS® Spectrum in vivo imaging system combines 2D optical and 3D optical tomography in one platform.

What is IVIS imaging?

The IVIS Spectrum is the newest imaging system available from Caliper Life Sciences. Like previous IVIS systems, it uses Xenogen’s novel patented optical imaging technology to facilitate non-invasive longitudinal monitoring of disease progression, cell trafficking and gene expression patterns in living animals.

What is in vivo imaging system?

In vivo imaging is the non-invasive visualization of living organisms for research and/or diagnostic purposes. This method can be divided in two key areas: anatomical/morphological imaging and molecular imaging. In molecular imaging cellular function or molecular processes are visualized using biomarkers.

How does IVIS work?

IVIS acquires a photographic image of the animal under white light and a quantitative bioluminescent or fluorescent signal, which is overlaid on the image. Photon flux from the tumor is proportional to the number of live cells expressing luciferase so bioluminescence correlates directly with tumor size.

How does bioluminescence imaging work?

Bioluminescence imaging utilizes native light emission from one of several organisms which bioluminesce. Due to the attenuation of blue-green light in tissues, the red-shift (compared to the other systems) of this emission makes detection of firefly luciferase much more sensitive in vivo.

What is the full form of IVI?

IVI Interchangeable Virtual Instruments Academic & Science » Electronics
IVI In Vehicle Information Governmental » Transportation
IVI Industrial Ventilation Inc Business » Companies & Firms
IVI Innovation and Value Initiative Miscellaneous » Unclassified
IVI Innovation Value Institute Governmental » Institutes

What is a Xenogen?

The Xenogen IVIS-200 System is a high-sensitivity, low noise, in vivo imaging technology platform that allows non-invasive visualization and tracking of cellular and genetic activity within a living organism, in real time. It’s capable of imaging bioluminescence and fluorescence.

How does IVIS Spectrum work?

What is Invivo imaging?

In vivo imaging is the non-invasive visualization of living organisms for research or diagnostic purposes. In molecular imaging cellular function or molecular processes are visualized, normally using biomarkers.

Where is luciferin found?

Dinoflagellate luciferin is a chlorophyll derivative (i. e. a tetrapyrrole) and is found in some dinoflagellates, which are often responsible for the phenomenon of nighttime glowing waves (historically this was called phosphorescence, but is a misleading term).

What is the role of luciferase?

Luciferase is an enzyme used for bioluminescence by various organisms in nature, most famously the firefly. The scientist produces a construct in which the regulatory region of a target gene is fused with the DNA coding sequence for luciferase (Figure 14.25).

How tall is Ivis spectrum in vivo imaging system?

Specifications Height 206.0 cm Imaging Modality Optical Imaging Optical Imaging Classification Bioluminescence imaging, Fluorescence Im Portable No Product Brand Name IVIS

Is the IVIS spectrum capable of imaging bioluminescent reporters?

The IVIS Spectrum is capable of imaging both fluorescent and bioluminescent reporters, as well as with most fluorescent probes. Absolute calibration affords you consistent and reproduc- ible results, independent of magnification and filter selection. Data can be shared between IVIS instruments within an organization, or around the world.

Is the IVIS spectrum a trademark of caliper?

Caliper, the Caliper logo, IVIS, FLIT, DLIT, Spectrum, Bioware, LPTA and Living Image are tradenames and/or trademarks of Caliper Life Sciences, Inc. All other names are trademarks of their respective companies. SPEC-BR-01 Jun 09 IMAGING SYSTEM COMPONENTS SPECIFICATIONS

Which is the narrow band Filter in Ivis?

Narrow Band Excitation and Emission Filters The IVIS Spectrum excitation and emission filters enable spectral scanning over the blue to NIR wavelength region. • 10 narrow band excitation filters: 415 nm -760 nm (30 nm bandwidth) • 18 narrow band emission filters: 490 nm -850 nm (20 nm bandwidth)