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How far is Las Vegas from Phoenix by plane?

How far is Las Vegas from Phoenix by plane?

255 miles
Travel Advisory

Departing from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX)
Arriving at McCarran International Airport (LAS)
Average flight time 1 hour 7 minutes
Distance 255 miles

How much is a bus from Las Vegas to Phoenix?

What bus companies travel from Las Vegas to Phoenix?

Bus Daily Trips Avg. Price
FlixBus US 4 $38.97
Greyhound 4 $42.14
Tufesa Internacional 1 $57.00
Tufesa Plus 2 $57.00

Is it safe to drive from Las Vegas to Phoenix?

Highway between Phoenix, Las Vegas ranked as most dangerous in US. PHOENIX — A weekend getaway to Sin City could be a dangerous one for Phoenix residents, according to a recent study. The highway runs about 200 miles between Wickenburg and the Hoover Dam.

How long of adrive is it from Las Vegas to Phoenix?

Depending on which route you’d like to take while driving to Vegas from Phoenix, expect to spend nearly five hours on the road. Without factoring in traffic, driving on the US-93 N is the shortest and more popular drive, with a drivetime of about 4 hours and 45 minutes over the course of 297 miles.

What is the halfway point between Las Vegas and Phoenix?

For a flight, the straight line geographic midpoint coordinates are 34° 49′ 6″ N and 113° 34′ 54″ W. The city at the geographic halfway point from Las Vegas, NV to Phoenix, AZ is Wikieup, Arizona.

Is Arizona near Las Vegas?

Distance from Arizona to Las Vegas is 438 kilometers. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Arizona and Las Vegas is 438 km= 272 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Arizona to Las Vegas, It takes 0.49 hours to arrive.

How is the drive from Las Vegas to Phoenix?

Getting from Las Vegas to Phoenix takes a little over 4 1/2 hours when you take U.S. Hwy 93, the fastest route between the two cities. The highway cuts 297 miles diagonally across the Arizona desert, giving a nearly straight shot between the two destinations.

How much is a bus from Las Vegas to Arizona?

Information on this bus route

Daily Buses 11
Earliest and Latest Bus Departures 3:00AM – 11:55PM
Minimum Price $30
Average Ticket Price $53
Minimum Trip Duration 5h

Where should I stop between Phoenix and Las Vegas?

Most people who take on the roads to travel between Las Vegas and Phoenix naturally stop at Flagstaff, simply because it’s one of the main cities you would come across during the drive from Las Vegas. Flagstaff is also a University town (Northern Phoenix University) and is a proud addition along the historic Route 66.

Where should I stop between Las Vegas and Phoenix?

believe to be the best stops on the drive from Phoenix to Las Vegas!

  1. Old Town Scottsdale.
  2. Payson.
  3. Tonto Natural Bridge State Park.
  4. Prescott.
  5. Montezuma Castle National Monument.
  6. Verde Valley.
  7. Sedona.
  8. Slide Rock State Park.

How far is Vegas from Grand Canyon?

about 130 miles
It is located about 130 miles from the heart of Las Vegas. On average, the drive takes approximately two and a half hours. Both the North Rim and South Rim (the two rims of Grand Canyon National Park) are located over 270 miles from the Las Vegas Strip. On average, both drives take approximately four and a half hours.

Is Arizona close to Las Vegas?

Where to stop on the Phoenix to Vegas road trip?

This first stop on your Phoenix to Vegas road trip doesn’t even have you leaving the greater Phoenix metro area — it is Old Town Scottsdale!

Which is the fastest route between Phoenix and Las Vegas?

In fact, the fastest and most common route between the two cities along the US-93 highway doesn’t pass through anything of interest and can, at times, feel as if you’re just trudging along through barren, endless desert.

Is the Phoenix to Las Vegas drive free?

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