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How do I get out of the hidden city tomb?

How do I get out of the hidden city tomb?

Exiting the tomb Turn to the right from the tomb stele and climb onto the platform there. Follow the water to the right back to the chamber you were just in. Hop onto the zip line at the end of the water channel and ride it out.

How do I get out of collapsed temple?

From the Collapsed Temple Base Camp, swim across the pool, climb out on the ledge at water level, then climb up on the left. Climb the stairs and continue to the edge of the chasm. Jump off the wooden ledge and latch onto the climbable wall. Climb up as far as you can.

How do you solve the Temple of the Sun?


  1. Break down the wall to enter into the tomb area.
  2. Shimmy around the cliff and jump to another wall where you’ll grapple down and wall run onto another ledge.
  3. Then keep moving ahead and slide under the gate.
  4. This will rotate a beam for you to walk on towards you.
  5. Then return to the first platform.

What are the 6 Challenges in the hidden city?

All Challenges | The Hidden City | Shadow of the Tomb Raider

  • Challenge 2 – Keep Calm and Carrion. Collect 3 Condor feathers from nests.
  • Challenge 3 – Changing the Weather. Rope-pull 5 frog totems.
  • Challenge 4 – Droping Decimals. Grapple 3 quipus.
  • Challenge 5 – Dunkin’ Bones.
  • Challenge 6 – Speak of the Dead.

How do you get to the temple in the hidden city?

The Temple of the Sun is located near the Village Caves camp site. These are objects located in the southern part of The Hidden City. To get to Temple of the Sun you have to break through the entrance with your axe. Then follow the path straight ahead until you reach the cliffs.

Where is Etzli city of the serpent?

CITY OF THE SERPENT – SPEAK WITH ETZLI. Lara returns to Etzli and Uchu in Paititi where you’ll begin at Skull Cave. You can prepare here for everything you might need before the long battle ahead. When you’re ready to leave, find Etzli standing by the alter to begin the final mission.

How do you escape Cenote?

Cenote – Escape the Cenote. Run forward and grapple-swing across the gap. When you land, veer right to avoid the Yaaxil converging from the left. Run forward through the rough wooden doorway, keeping ahead of the pursuing enemies, and avoiding the detonating green orbs on your left…

What is the Temple of the Sun Machu Picchu?

The Temple of the Sun was a sacred precinct built by the Incas to pay tribute and give offerings to the sun inside Machupicchu. This star was one of the most important deities of the Inca civilization. Today, this sacred building is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Machu Picchu.

How big are the wheels in the Konark Sun Temple?

The design manual for this style is found in the Silpa Sastra of ancient Odisha. A stone wheel engraved in the walls of the temple. The temple is designed as a chariot consisting of 24 such wheels. Each wheel has a diameter of 9 feet, 9 inches, with 8 spokes.

Which is the name of the main sanctuary of Konark Sun Temple?

The deul was built on a high terrace. The temple was originally a complex consisting of the main sanctuary, called the rekha deul, or bada deul (lit. big sanctum). In front of it was the bhadra deul (lit. small sanctum), or jagamohana (lit. assembly hall of the people) (called a mandapa in other parts of India.

Which is the nearest airport to Konark Sun Temple?

Temple is located in an eponymous village (now NAC Area) about 35 kilometres (22 mi) northeast of Puri and 65 kilometres (40 mi) southeast of Bhubaneswar on the Bay of Bengal coastline in the Indian state of Odisha. The nearest airport is Bhubaneswar airport.

Who are the resistance fighters in Sun Temple?

That’s no Mayan pyramid, that’s a prism cannon! After the SEAL team arrived on the beach by plane, they headed for the nearby village to free the resistance fighters consisting of a GI battalion, 2 Grizzly Tanks and 1 Nighthawk helicopter loaded with five engineers.