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How do I find my well records?

How do I find my well records?

For assistance in locating a well in the database or obtaining a well tag number, please contact the AEP Groundwater Information Centre by e-mail at [email protected] or by telephone at 780-427-2770.

What does the Arizona Department of Water Resources Control?

The Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) is responsible for the regulation and the management of Arizona’s water. The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), meanwhile, monitors, reports, and protects Arizona’s groundwater quality.

How do I find a well registration number in Arizona?

Looking for a well registration number? Use our application to find well registry owner information, associated water rights, and pumping data. Visit Imaged Records to access the Department’s Imaged Well Registry Files.

Do you need a permit to drill a well in Arizona?

ADWR regulates all groundwater wells in Arizona. Authority to deepen an existing well or drill a new well will be valid for one year. After that, a new Notice of Intent must be filed. A licensed well drilling contractor must perform the work.

Are well records public?

California already makes public its data on groundwater levels measured in certain wells across the state. The well logs, which are kept by the state Department of Water Resources, provide other sorts of information that drillers must submit to the state each time they construct a well.

How do I find an old well on my property?

Clues to the location of these wells include:

  1. Pipes sticking out of the ground.
  2. Small buildings that may have been a well house.
  3. Depressions in the ground.
  4. The presence of concrete vaults or pits (perhaps covered by lumber or metal plates)
  5. Out-of-use windmills (wind pumps) are likely to be located near an old well.

Does Arizona have a water problem?

How the Drought-Induced Water Shortage affects Arizona. In Arizona, 84% of the state is experiencing severe drought conditions and is preparing for its first ever Tier 1 water shortage cuts. That means Arizona will lose nearly 18% or 512,000 acre-feet of water it has been drawing from the Colorado River basin.

What is an exempt well in Arizona?

An exempt well is a well having a pump with a maximum capacity of not more than thirty-five gallons per minute which is used to withdraw groundwater pursuant to section 45-454. A.R.S. § 45-402(8).

How much is a well transfer fee in Arizona?

Change of Well Ownership. Complete ONLY if you are the owner (or authorized representative) of the parcel where the well is located. There will be a $30.00 fee.

Can you have well water in Arizona?

While Arizona water law governs how a well is to be drilled and located, it does not govern the operation or management of a well share agreement. ADWR cannot intervene or offer advice in the case of a dispute.

What is the average cost to drill a well in Arizona?

What is the cost of drilling a water well in Arizona? The price can vary a lot, based on some of the factors we’ve listed, but the overall cost is likely somewhere in the range of $27 – $58 per foot.

How do you find abandoned water wells?

If you know of an abandoned well, or need assistance locating them on your property, leave a message on the abandoned well hotline: 916-875-8532 or email [email protected]. You may also email for more information, or call, 916-875-8400.

How does Arizona get water?

Aside from the Colorado and other rivers, Arizona does get about 44 percent of its water from groundwater. As a fall-back, some cities have already turned to pumping this water out of the ground.

What is AZ Water Association?

The AZ Water Association is a 501c3 for professionals dedicated to Arizona’s water.

Is there water in Arizona?

A quarter of Arizona’s water comes from the Colorado River, and that river is running low. There’s not enough water in the basin to keep Arizona’s crucial Lake Mead reservoirs topped up.