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How do I calculate how many Litres my pool is?

How do I calculate how many Litres my pool is?

You can get the volume in litres of a square or rectangular pool by multiplying the length by the width and the average depth then multiplying the result by 28.31. To get the average depth of your pool, take the depth of the shallow end of your pool and add it to the depth of the deep end, and divide by two.

How big is a 35000 Litre pool?


Feet Metres Approx. Litres
12 x 3 3.6 x 0.9 10,000
15 x 4 4.5 x 1.2 20,000
20 x 4 6.0 x 1.2 35,000
25 x 4 7.7 x 1.2 45,000

How many Litres is a 25m pool?

How much water does an Olympic sized swimming pool hold? 2,500,000 litres or 2.5 megalitres of water. Olympic size pools measure: 50 metres long, 25 metres wide, and a minimum of 2 metres deep. 660,430 gallons of water.

How many gallons is a 28 foot pool?

How Many Gallons Of Water Are In My Swimming Pool?

28′ Round 18,502
30′ Round 21,240
33′ Round 25,700
15′ x 30′ Oval 10,620

How many lengths of a 25m pool is 1km?

40 lengths
In Pool Training Session 11 you will swim 40 lengths of a 25 metre pool, or 1000 metres.

How many Litres is a 12 foot round pool?

Rectangular Pools

Pool Shape Pool Diameter in Feet 7 Ft Avg. Depth
Round 12 22,400
Round 15 35,000
Round 18 50,400
Round 21 68,600

How much chlorine is needed for a 1000 Litre pool?

In the heat of summer your pool can require 4 grams of chlorine per cubic meter of water (1000 litres) of water every day.

Can you swim in 3 feet water?

Yes, 3 feet is plenty deep for lap swimming. Even lap swimming in place. It’s not so good for diving or doing cannonballs.

How many gallons is a 16×32 pool?

Above Ground Swimming Pool Water Volumes by Size
33ft Round 22,488 gals 25,700 gals
12x24ft Oval 5,948 gals 6,797 gals
15x30ft Oval 9,293 gals 10,620 gals
16x32ft Oval 10,573 gals 12,084 gals

How many lengths is 2 miles in a 25m pool?

Number of laps in an actual mile (1760 yards/ 1610 meters): 25 Yard Pool: 1760 yards is 70.4 laps. 25 Meter Pool: 1610 meters is 64.4 laps….Laps In A Mile Swimming- The Swim Distance Charts.

Pool Length Swimming Mile Distance (1650 Yards Or 1500 Meters)
25 Yards 66 Laps
25 Meters 60 Laps
50 Meters 30 Laps

How many lengths of a 25m pool is 1.5 km?

60 lengths
1.5k. It’s time to get the band back together! Take on 60 lengths of a 25m pool with your friends and family and split the swimming in a relay format.

How many chlorine tablets do I need for a 12ft pool?

12ft pool – 3 tablets with 2 slots open at base for inflatable ring type pools and 3 slots open for framed pools. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A STARTING GUIDE ONLY AND THE USE OF TEST STRIPS WILL BE NEEDED TO HELP SET THE DOSING RATES PROPERLY FOR YOUR POOL.

How big is the Bestway power steel pool?

With proper maintenance and care your Bestway 16 ft. x 48 in. Power Steel Pro Frame Pool will give you years of enjoyment. The strong and rust resistant metal frame pools are wrapped with heavy-duty PVC and polyester 3-Ply walls. At the end of the season draining your pool is made easy with the attached Flow Control Drain Valve.

What happens when you set up a Bestway pool?

If you set up your Bestway pool on an area that is uneven or a non-recommended area stated in the Owner’s Manual, you waive the right to submit a warranty claim. By setting up the pool improperly you dramatically increase the chance of your pool being damaged.

What kind of pool frame do I Need?

Easy to assemble and very affordable, with a strong, steel frame – you get a lot of pool for your money! Above ground pools designed with extremely rigid, oval-shaped frame for increased strength and durability.

What’s the thickness of a Bestway pool gauge?

This creates a total thickness of 0.40-0.80mm (16-32 gauge) depending on the size of the pool, offering superior strength and durability. 1. Please select the specific part of your item that requires technical assistance