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Does Takishima love Hikari?

Does Takishima love Hikari?

He has had a crush on Hikari since childhood when he was six years old, having fallen in love with her at first sight. Kei is originally seen as being a cold and stoic character. However, as he becomes close to Hikari, he is shown to become more friendly and happy.

Will there be a season 2 of special A?

On March 25, 2019, Netflix released the first official trailer for the series. The first season, consisting of 8 episodes, was released on Netflix on April 12, 2019. The second season was released on May 20, 2021.

Does Hikari and Kei kiss?

When Hikari meets with Kei at last, they finish the challenge he issued her and Hikari lost. They express their true feelings for one another and eventually share a kiss in the air in front of the big clock.

Do Akira and Tadashi end up together?

Akira and Tadashi One day, Akira finally decides to stop running away from Tadashi and tell him the truth, and so she did. When she told him, Tadashi felt a sigh of relief and that’s when they finally expressed their feelings to become an official couple.

Who does Hikari end up with in special A?

Kei Takishima
Hikari Hanazono (華園 光 Hanazono Hikari) is the main protagonist of the story who is ranked 2nd in the school and she declared Kei Takishima as her rival because he is ranked 1st in the school and she is frequently unsuccessful in defeating him in any sort of competition. She becomes the girlfriend/later fiancée of Kei.

Is there romance in special A?

Special A is a romantic comedy that has Hikari Hanazono always try and best Kei Takishima, all because she was defeated by him in a pro-wrestling match when they were six-years-old. Because of that, Hikari has sworn to beat him in anything, including school grades or any competition so she can prove she is the best.

Is there a dub for special A?

Special A English Dub: ‘Special A’ season one is available on HIDIVE and Amazon Prime with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

What episode does Hikari confess to Kei?

In volume four, Hikari begins to fall in love with Kei, though she does not realize it until volume six. Hikari eventually confesses to Kei, saying “I love you” repeatedly, but Kei thinks she means as a friend until Hikari finally indicates that she really does love him.

What episode does Kei confess to Hikari?

Does yahiro like Akira?

Yahiro had a major harboured a crush on Akira Toudou since childhood and is very protective of her, willing to use whatever means necessary to protect her, even if she hates him for it.

Who does Ryu like in special A?

Finn Coupe Schuzette A girl who cross-dresses as a guy. She fell in love with Hikari at first, but later falls in love with Ryū and the two end up together.

Who is the main protagonist in special A?

Hikari Hanazono
Kei TakishimaJun Yamamoto
S.A/Main characters

What kind of food does Kei Takishima like?

The name Kei means “comet” (彗). Kei’s surname Takishima means “waterfall” (滝) ( taki) and “island” (島) ( shima ). Kei’s favorite color is indigo. Kei likes and will eat any type of food that Hikari Hanazono makes despite her food being barely edible.

How did Kei Takishima change in the manga?

Kei is originally seen as being a cold and stoic character. However, as he becomes close to Hikari, he is shown to become more friendly and happy. Yahiro comments in the sequel to the manga, that Kei has changed since he began his relationship with Hikari.

How many times does Hikari Kiss Kei Takishima?

For example, when Hikari kisses Kei on the cheek, his expression changes, and a blush appears on his cheeks. In the series, Hikari is the only person who can make him blush. Hikari and Kei kiss several times on the manga in chapters 17, 25, 33, 37, 42, 53, 58, 77, 84 and 91.

Why does Sui Takishima not go to school?

He refuses to go to school and doesn’t take his studies seriously. Their family had arranged for him to have a tutor, but the tutor gave up on him. It is soon revealed that Sui doesn’t try in school because of the strong reputation Kei developed for his outstanding academic and athletic achievement.