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Did the directioners break Vevo?

Did the directioners break Vevo?

This is a shout out to all of the Directioners out there: You did it! One Direction’s ‘Steal My Girl’ video has broken the Vevo record for most views in 24 hours — and it’s all thanks to you! Harry Styles announced the news on Twitter today (Oct.

When did directioners break Vevo?

One Direction have broken the 24-hour Vevo record with their new music video for Steal My Girl, which was released at 4pm on Friday, October 24.

What fandom crashed Vevo?

one direction fandom
One Direction on Twitter: “”vevo said that one direction fandom is the first fandom that crashed the whole system””

Who is the most successful artist from One Direction?

All One Direction members had at least 2 songs on that chart, with Styles leading the most chart-topping hits with 9 songs. For the Billboard 200 chart, Styles had 2 No. 1 hits – with his albums Harry Styles and Fine Line. Malik’s Mind of Mine hit No.

What is the craziest fandom?

What are the top 10 craziest fandoms?

  • Directioners A Directioner is a super fan of the British/Irish boy band called “One Direction”.
  • The Beliebers.
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s Fandom.
  • Pokemon Genwunners.
  • Sonic fans.
  • SkyDoesMinecraft Fans.

Why directioners are the best fandom?

3. They can be the greatest team that the world has ever seen. The fandom and the boys are one, they will always love them and support whatever decision they will make (you know even if they might break up or anything.)

What is the most feared fandom?

The 10 Most Difficult-to-Defend Online Fandoms

  • Barbz (Nicki Minaj Fandom) The Barbz are a fiercely loyal sort.
  • Swifties (Taylor Swift Fandom)
  • Zack Snyder Fans.
  • Rick and Morty Fans.
  • 6. #
  • XXXtentacion Fans.
  • Logang (Logan Paul Fandom)
  • Bro Army (Pewdiepie Fandom)

Who has the best fandom 2020?

Who is the best fandom 2020?

  • 2nd place: #Directioners – One Direction.
  • 3rd place: #EXOL – EXO.
  • 4th place: #IGOT7 – GOT7.
  • 5th place: #Louies – Louis Tomlinson.

When did Olivia by one direction come out?

“Olivia” is the 9th track on One Direction’s fifth studio album, Made in the A.M.. It was leaked along with the majority of the album on November 2nd, 2015 during an early listening party. This song has an “old-school” feel, sounding similar to an old British song with the strings in the audio recorded in Abbey Road.

Where can I find one direction music videos?

OneDirectionVEVO – YouTube One Direction on Vevo – Official Music Videos, Live Performances, Interviews and more… One Direction on Vevo – Official Music Videos, Live Performances, Interviews and more…

What happens if I watch one direction on YouTube?

Videos you watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer. Made In The A.M. – One Direction (Album) (Lyrics) For copyright issues just send me an email and I’ll remove the video from youtube immediately.

Where can I find happily by one direction?

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