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Best Apps for NFL Fans

Best Apps for NFL Fans

With so many facets to the game, NFL fans want to have all the latest information at their fingertips. That is where mobile apps come into play and there are several excellent NFL applications available for download on Android, iOS, and other devices. However, with such a great selection it is not always easy to pick up the best apps for NFL fans. We have handpicked some of the leading NFL apps that will cover everything you need to follow the league in detail.

To begin, you cannot fault the official NFL app. Simply called ‘NFL’, this app is home to all of the official results, latest scores, player statistics, and latest news. In addition, NFL fans can use this app to access NFL Game Pass subscription content. The NFL Game Pass provides access to live coverage of games throughout the season plus extended highlights and the ability to watch videos for specific teams. Therefore, if you want to follow your teams games throughout the season, you can do so using the NFL Game Pass on the NFL app.

In addition to the official NFL app, theScore is one of the best apps for NFL fans. It is not a specific NFL app as it also covers other sports including NBA Basketball, MLB Baseball, and NHL Hockey but you can select your favorite sport and team to follow on the app. theScore will show you the latest NFL scores, results, schedules, line-ups, statistics and news. It is free to download and a great way to follow all the latest NFL action for your team.

For those who are interested in gambling on the NFL, a great mobile platform is PointsBet. Available in New Jersey, Indiana, and Iowa, the PointsBet app gives bettors a tremendous range of NFL games and markets. The app offers the traditional wagering options but also an exciting alternative based on the name of the app. Punters can participate in points betting and this involves winning money based on the number of points between the teams at the end of the game.

Take a game between the New York Giants and Cleveland Browns as an example. The Browns are three point underdogs (+3) and you bet $100. If the browns win the game by a score of 20-13, you will get $100 for each point you were right. That makes $300 for the three point spread they covered plus $700 for the seven points by which they won, making a total of $1,000. It is an interesting way to bet on the NFL and makes the PointsBet app one of the best apps for NFL fans.

If you would like to try your hand at playing NFL using a mobile device, you can install the latest Madden NFL mobile app. This is the official NFL game by EA Sports and allows you to play as your favorite team throughout the NFL season. You can also participate in the Ultimate Team version of the game and in doing so create your dream team.

Some of the other leading apps for NFL fans include ESPN, Yahoo Sports, and NFL Fantasy Football.