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Are there beaches in Guayaquil Ecuador?

Are there beaches in Guayaquil Ecuador?

While the big city of Guayaquil is a port town, it has no beaches of its own. Guayaquileños usually head directly west to beaches in Guayas, or northwest to those in the neighboring Santa Elena province.

What is the nicest beach in Ecuador?

17 Top-Rated Beaches in Ecuador

  • Montañita Beach.
  • Canoa Beach.
  • San Lorenzo Beach.
  • Puerto Lopez Beach.
  • Salango Beach.
  • Bartolome Island, Galapagos Islands.
  • Rabida Island, Galapagos National Park. Red sand beach on Rabida Island in Galapagos National Park.
  • Isabel Island, Galapagos Islands. Isabel Island, Galapagos Islands.

Is Guayaquil on the coast?

Guayaquil itself isn’t located on the coast, rather it’s located at the inlet at the mouth of the River Guayas. The city is surrounded by mangroves and water, but to get to Guayaquil beaches you’ll need to jump into a vehicle and drive south west.

Is Guayaquil worth visiting?

Guayaquil is most definitely worth visiting in our opinion. For anyone transiting through the city, Guayaquil can definitely be well worth staying for a couple of days to discover all of the charms of Ecuador’s largest city.

What are the coldest months in Guayaquil Ecuador?

Quick Climate Info
Hottest Month April (82 °F avg)
Coldest Month August (78 °F avg)
Wettest Month February (7.89″ avg)
Windiest Month October (8 mph avg)

How far is Quito Ecuador from the beach?

Tonsupa Beach This beach is one of the closest to Quito (245 mi – 394 km). Tonsupa offers basic amenities, like sunshades, deck chairs, and nearby restrooms in restaurants and hotels. Playa Tonsupa is a little quieter and less congested than Atacames.

Is Ecuador safe to live?

Ecuador is a relatively safe country to live in. In fact, there are many places in Ecuador that are safe to live. Some of those places include Vilcabamba, Cuenca, and Cotacachi. But expats settle all over the place, including coastal areas.

Is Guayaquil or Quito better?

Guayaquil is very pleasant, although a little dangerous. It is a coastal/port city and popular among visitors. Definitely worth a visit if you’ve been to Quito, but if I had to choose as an either/or I would definitely say Quito. 4.

Is Guayaquil Safe 2020?

Crime: Travelers should know that Guayaquil is not considered a “safe city”. The major safety risks in the area are risks of victimization from petty theft and associated crimes. These happen in the form of pick pocketing, purse snatching, cell phone snatching and theft from vehicles.

Are things expensive in Ecuador?

Ecuador is not an expensive country, and eating there doesn’t cost a fortune. Most restaurants offer lunch deals between $1 and $3. To find them, just look for the signs indicating the word “Almuerzo”, it means a lunch menu. The menu generally includes soup, a main course of rice and chicken and fruit juice.

Does Ecuador have a rainy season?

The coastal lowlands in the western part of Ecuador are typically warm with temperatures in the region of 25 °C (77 °F). The average temperature annually is 64 °F (18 °C). There are two seasons in the city: dry and wet. The dry season runs from June to September and the wet season is from October to May.

Which is the closest beach to Guayaquil, Ecuador?

The drive to the furthest beach on this list is only a couple of hours, but watch out on weekends and holidays when the single-lane highway just isn’t large enough to handle the traffic. The closest beach to Guayaquil is Playas in the small town of General Villamil.

What to do on the beach in Ecuador?

This beach town is popular with local families looking to cool off on hot days, and Ecuadorian surfers wanting easy access to the closest waves. If you’re looking for the full beach set-up with chairs, umbrellas, and food vendors plying their wares, set up on the strip by the hotels.

Which is the best resort town in Ecuador?

Alongside Salinas, it is the most popular resort town in Ecuador; consequently, it has lots of great restaurants, bars, and resorts for visitors to choose from, with loads of shops to boot. Part of its popularity is down to the fact that it is the nearest beach town to Guayaquil.