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Are Takamine guitars good?

Are Takamine guitars good?

While Takamines are generally considered excellent mid-range guitars, they sometimes struggle to earn the respect afforded the big boys like Gibson or Fender. Many Takamine guitars are considered excellent mid-range guitars, buoyed by generally low prices compared to guitars of similar quality.

How do I know which Takamine model I have?

Look immediately following, or just below the information regarding manufacture date of your instrument, and you will see the model number. Takamine guitars have only numbers to indicate model. These model numbers usually consist of five digits, followed by a hyphen, and ending with another letter.

How do you read a Takamine serial number?

The first two digits designate the year of manufacture, followed by two digits denoting the month. The remaining four digits denote the instrument’s sequential number of manufacture among all the instruments made during the month indicated.

Are Takamine Guitars made in Japan?

Takamine TK guitars are top class instruments, designed and built in Japan to the most uncompromising of standards. These delicious instruments are made in a range of body sizes: Dreadnought, Jumbo, NEX and more.

What is the best sounding Takamine guitar?

The 10 Best Takamine G Series Guitars:

  • Takamine G Series GN93CE NEX – Editor’s Choice.
  • Takamine G Series GD20 – Best for Beginners.
  • Takamine G Series GD30CE – Best Under $500.
  • Takamine G Series GN51CE NEX – Best for the Money.
  • Takamine G Series GD93CE – Best Dreadnought.
  • Takamine G Series GJ72CE – Best Jumbo.

Are Taylor guitars better than Martin?

Taylors are generally known for having a very bright yet rich sound, with more clarity but perhaps less body than a Martin. The company is also praised for guitar-to-guitar consistency and build quality.

How much is a Takamine G Series worth?

Pricing for new Takamine G Series guitars ranges from $259.99 to $859.99 (MSRP).

Who uses Takamine guitars?


  • Jon Bon Jovi.
  • Blake Shelton.
  • Steven Wilson.
  • Garth Brooks.
  • Simon Neil – Biffy Clyro.
  • Glen Hansard.
  • Bruce Springsteen.
  • Nancy Wilson.

What is a Takamine lawsuit guitar?

Takamine steel-strings with squared-off headstocks are known as “lawsuit guitars,” even though there was never any litigation. To distance its guitars from Martin and other American makers, Takamine modified certain details on its steel-strings.

What are Takamine guitars known for?

Takamine is known for its steel-string acoustic guitars. The company was founded in May 1962; in 1978 they were one of the first companies to introduce acoustic-electric models, where they pioneered the design of the preamplifier-equalizer component. The name comes from Mount Takamine located in Nakatsugawa.

Is Jasmine owned by Takamine?

KMC music Company owns Jasmine Guitars, but many people say that this brand is handled by a famous Japanese guitar manufacturer called Takamine. It was sold to KMC Music Company in 2005. Since then, they have got all rights reserved and declared to be its legal owner.

Are Takamine guitars solid wood?

They feature solid spruce tops and solid rosewood backs and sides for a rich and pure sound, beautiful flame maple body and neck binding, 12”-radius ebony fingerboards with elegant abalone “snowflake” inlays, split bone saddles for faultless intonation, gold tuners and hardware, and the CTP-3 CoolTube preamp for …

How can you tell when a Takamine guitar was made?

Japanese-built Takamine guitars made between 1962 and mid/late 2012 can be reliably dated from the eight-digit serial numbers typically found at the neck block inside the instruments. The first two digits designate the year of manufacture, followed by two digits denoting the month.

When did the Glen Frey Takamine guitar come out?

Takamine introduces its 45th Anniversary guitar. The Kenny Chesney signature model is introduced. The Glen Frey signature model is introduced. Takamine celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Where is the headquarters of Takamine guitar company?

Takamine opens a new headquarters and main factory in its longtime hometown, Sakashita, Japan. In the United States, Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry commissions Takamine to design its 80th anniversary commemorative guitar.

What kind of preamps do Takamine Pro guitars have?

All have solid spruce tops, solid rosewood backs and rosewood sides, 12”-radius rosewood fingerboards with stylish abalone “dot-in-dot” inlays, rosewood bridges with split bone saddles for faultless intonation, gold tuners and hardware, and the CTP-3 CoolTube preamp system for peerless amplified performance.