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Why was Walk Like an Egyptian banned?

Why was Walk Like an Egyptian banned?

17. “Walk Like an Egyptian,” The Bangles (September 1986) “Walk Like an Egyptian” is another song banned by both BBC in 1991 and Clear Channel Communications in 2001. Again, the purpose of this was to avoid offending those who would relate this song and its references to Egypt to the conflicts in the Middle East.

Who was walking like an Egyptian in 1981?

The Bangles
Walk Like an Egyptian

“Walk Like an Egyptian”
Label Columbia Bangle-a-lang Music
Songwriter(s) Liam Sternberg
Producer(s) David Kahne
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Why do they say Walk Like an Egyptian?

Rather the track’s writer, Liam Sternberg, penned it after observing people walking uneasily, in an attempt to keep their balance, aboard a ferry. According to him, this reminded him of figures displayed on Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Who wrote the Bangles song Walk Like an Egyptian?

Liam Sternberg
Walk Like an Egyptian/Lyricists

Who sings walking like an Egyptian?

Walk Like an Egyptian/Artists

Who whistles in Walk Like an Egyptian?

The famous whistling after the guitar solo was machine made, according to Vicki Peterson. In concert, Debbi would mime it. Bangles bass player Michael Steele was a member of The Runaways, a groundbreaking all-female rock band of the ’70s that never had a hit – their story was made into a movie in 2010.

Do Egyptians walk like an Egyptian?

Advertisement: A stance or style of walking meant to resemble ancient Egyptian murals. It should be noted that real ancient Egyptians did not walk like this, it was only a centuries-long artistic style meant to show a person’s body from several angles at once.

Which song was banned in the 60s?

Bob Dylan’s song “Baby, Let Me Follow You Down” was banned in 1962, as it included the phrase, “God-almighty world”.

Who was the original singer of Walk Like an Egyptian?

Liam Sternberg, who wrote the song, had finished a demo version by January 1984 with singer Marti Jones. He offered it to Toni Basil, who turned it down. Lene Lovich recorded the first version of the song, but it went unreleased when she decided to take a break from music to raise her family.

How does The Bangles Walk Like an Egyptian song?

The blond waitresses take their trays. They spin around and they cross the floor; They’ve got the moves. You drop your drink then they bring you more. All the school kids so sick of books, They like the punk and the metal band. When the buzzer rings, They’re walking like an Egyptian.

What’s the best way to walk like an Egyptian?

Walk like an Egyptian. Shift your arm and then you pull it back. So strike a pose on a Cadillac. They’re hanging out in the donut shop. Spin the clubs cruise down the block. They walk the line like Egyptian. Walk like an Egyptian.

Why was the song Walk Like an Egyptian banned?

“Walk Like an Egyptian” was one of the songs which were claimed to have been banned by Clear Channel following the September 11, 2001 attacks.