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Who is the voice of Charlie the Unicorn?

Who is the voice of Charlie the Unicorn?

Charlie the Unicorn Voiced by Jason Steele, Charlie is a grumpy unicorn who lives in the meadow. At first, he was simply annoyed by Blue and Pink, but he soon comes to realize that they are much more trouble than he initially thought, as they constantly steal things from him and try to cause him physical harm.

Where does the movie Charlie the unicorn take place?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. “Charlie the Unicorn” is a 2005 Flash animated comedy short film and viral video created by Jason Steele of independent film company FilmCow in Orlando, Florida. The short follows Charlie, a lethargic unicorn, who is taken by two other unicorns on an adventure to the mythical “Candy Mountain.”.

What kind of goggles does Charlie the Unicorn wear?

Charlie the Unicorn 2. (Charlie is seen watching television with his stuff. The pink and blue unicorns are floating above Charlie, wearing scuba goggles, flippers, and air tanks with snorkels, pretending to swim)

How did Charlie the Unicorn get to the Moon?

Charlie joins the blue and pink unicorns on their journey to the moon in order to defeat the millipede before it destroy’s the Cavern of the Red Wind. Upon “defeating” the millipede, the trio enters the cavern, only for Blue and Pink to reveal that they are going to blow up the moon, with Charlie still on it.

What happens to Charlie the Unicorn at Candy Mountain?

In Charlie the Unicorn Charlie is disturbed by Blue and Pink, and is taken on a trip to the so called “candy mountain”. On their way they meet the Leoplurodon and encounter a bridge. Once at ‘Candy Mountain’ the other two force him to go in, where he is attacked and his kidney is taken. They then leave him on the grass outside.

When does the grand finale of Charlie the Unicorn come out?

Steele released the first part of The Grand Finale on YouTube on October 10, 2019, expecting to follow it up with five more parts. The second part was released on June 15, 2020.