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When did Free Chapel OC open?

When did Free Chapel OC open?

“I knew the church was a special church and the people were very open to reaching people. I am amazed at what God has done, but there was faith in my heart that he could do great things here.” In 1989, Franklin came to Free Chapel as pastor of a small congregation of 300 with a small church on Browns Bridge Road.

Who is the pastor of Free Chapel OC?

Jentezen Franklin Franklin
He is the senior pastor of Free Chapel, a multi-site church based in Gainesville, Georgia and author of Right People, Right Place, Right Plan; Fasting; Fear Fighters and The Spirit of Python….

Jentezen Franklin
Franklin in 2019
Born Wilson, North Carolina, U.S.
Occupation pastor author
Spouse(s) Cherise Franklin

Is Free Chapel meeting in person?

The outdoor services were held in Gainesville, Gwinnett, Cumming, and Midtown as well as the Spartanburg, South Carolina, campus this morning. GAINESVILLE, Ga. It was the first in-person experience for the church since March 15. …

Is Free Chapel a megachurch?

— The senior pastor of Free Chapel, a megachurch in Gainesville with seven campuses in three states, tested positive for COVID-19 after coming in contact with someone who had the virus, the church announced during its service on Sunday. “He is doing extremely well,” Ruff said of Pastor Franklin.

Who is Jentezen Franklin’s wife?

Cherise Franklinm. 1987
Jentezen Franklin/Wife

How many members does a free chapel have?

Franklin is head of the 14,000-member Free Chapel church, based in Gainesville, Ga.

How many members does Free Chapel have?

Who are Jentezen Franklin’s children?

Drake Franklin
Caressa FranklinConner FranklinCaroline FranklinCourteney Franklin
Jentezen Franklin/Children

Who is Jentezen Franklin’s daughter?

Caressa Franklin
Conner FranklinCaroline FranklinCourteney Franklin
Jentezen Franklin/Daughters

What is Franklin Grahams net worth?

Franklin Graham net worth: Franklin Graham is an American Christian evangelist and missionary who has a net worth of $10 million….Franklin Graham Net Worth.

Net Worth: $10 Million
Date of Birth: Jul 14, 1952 (69 years old)
Gender: Male
Profession: Televangelist, Evangelist, Preacher, Author

How old is Franklin Jentezen?

59 years (July 21, 1962)
Jentezen Franklin/Age