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What should be on a high school resume?

What should be on a high school resume?

It should include the following:Your basic information: name, address, phone and email.Education: high school name and address, graduation date, class rank, GPA, specific courses.Activities: extracurricular in and out of school.Community service: in and out of school. Work experience: any summer or school-year jobs.

How do I make my high school resume stand out?

Six Ways to Make Your High School Resume Stand OutStart a business. Entrepreneurship communicates drive, passion and commitment. Pick a worthy cause and stick with it. Find an organization or a charity that you believe in and stick with it. Start a club. Look for an internship. Travel or study abroad. Test out college during the summer.

What is a great skill?

Great Skill Program tThey must have a record of strict adherence to Army values and should exhibit excellent interpersonal skills, written and oral communication proficiency, initiative and leadership, flexibility and adaptability, critical thinking and research abilities, and a strong personal work ethic.