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What is Portainer for?

What is Portainer for?

Portainer is an open-source management UI for Docker, including Docker Swarm environment. Portainer makes it easier for you to manage your Docker containers, it allows you to manage containers, images, networks, and volumes from the web-based Portainer dashboard.

What is Portainer CE?

Portainer CE is a powerful open source container management tool suitable for use at home. It helps you build, manage and maintain container environments without needing to know complex commands or syntax.

Is Portainer IO free?

Portainer is a free, open source toolset for managing containerized applications.

Do I need Portainer?

With Portainer, engineers can deploy and see the state of individual containers, restart them and debug them when necessary – all without needing to use the command line. Portainer also provides deep visibility into what’s running, where it’s running and how it’s running, which helps engineers optimize app performance.

Is Docker swarm Dead 2020?

Docker Swarm Mode is still alive and inluded in docker-ce. But there is no as-a-service provider for docker swarm mode anymore.

What is the difference between Portainer and Portainer CE?

Portainer Community Edition vs Portainer Business – What’s the Difference? Although primarily designed for use by individuals and discrete teams, Portainer CE does include basic security and access control features that enable team-wide, tiered access to Docker/Kubernetes/Serverless environments.

Is Portainer secure?

By default, Portainer’s web interface and API is exposed over HTTP. This is not secure, Portainer recommends enabling SSL, particularly in a production environment.

Is Portainer useful?

Portainer is a great tool that can be used to manage Docker containers, Swarm services, and other resources from a simple and intuitive web user interface. Portainer provides several free features and paid plugins that can enhance the user experience for managing Docker clusters.

Is Docker swarm still a thing?

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Swarm remains to be utilized by both Docker and Kubernetes as a core engine for container storage. Granted that Kubernetes is in a dominant position on the market right now, its adoption and usage of Swarm continue to be in the spotlight.

Is Docker going away?

The removal of the Docker container runtime is currently planned for Kubernetes 1.22, slated for release in late 2021.

What do you need to know about Portainer?

Portainer is a simple and lightweight, but powerful application that is used to provide a web management interface that you can use to perform functions on your Docker host. This guide aims to help answer some basic questions about how to use Portainer.

What do you need to know about Portainer in Docker?

Portainer gives you a detailed overview of your Docker environments and allows you to manage your containers, images, networks and volumes. Portainer is simple to deploy – you are just one Docker command away from running Portainer anywhere.

Which is container management tool does Portainer use?

Portainer is a universal container management tool. It works with Kubernetes, Docker, Docker Swarm and Azure ACI. It allows you to manage containers without needing to know platform-specific code.

What are the components of the Portainer server?

Portainer is comprised of two elements, the Portainer Server, and the Portainer Agent. Both elements run as lightweight Docker containers on a Docker engine or within a Swarm cluster.