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What is a lyne arm on a still?

What is a lyne arm on a still?

In its simplest form, the lyne arm is a cylindrical copper tube that, as it leaves the head of the still, either (a) angles upwards; (b) is horizontal; or (c) angles downwards.

What does a lyne arm do?

A deflegmator is purposely built to actively control the reflux but many still parts contribute to the passive reflux. As a general rule, a lyne arm angle above 90 degrees allows less congeners and gives a lighter spirit by increasing the passive reflux and allowing any condensed material to flow back into the kettle.

What shape is the Lyne arm in the Talisker distillery?

Y-shaped bend
A kinked lyne arm has been part of the distillation set-up at Talisker Distillery since 1830. Look closely, and you can see that it’s really a Y-shaped bend, with a thin purifier pipe snaking away from the lower apex of the main pipe, and burying itself back into the belly of the copper pot still.

How long does the spirit distillation usually run in a distillery?

approximately 8 hours
The Spirit Still It typically takes approximately 8 hours. Since this takes double as long as the first distillation, often the result of two wash still distillations is collected in the low wines receiver and filled into the spirit still as a whole.

How does a continuous still work?

Continuous stills are charged with preheated feed liquor at some point in the column. Heat (usually in the form of steam) is supplied to the base of the column. Stripped (approximately alcohol-free) liquid is drawn off at the base, while alcoholic spirits are condensed after migrating to the top of the column.

What is the most important portion of the distillate?

The Hearts The best part of the run is the distillate that contains the most ethanol. This is called the “hearts” section of your run. Many professionals and long-time distillers agree that this is the portion of the run from about 190 degrees Fahrenheit to about 200 or 205 degrees.

How do you drink Talisker storm?

Savour the peppery sweet and salty flavours neat delicious lengthened with water. Talisker Storm also makes a great pairing whisky to a plate of delicious smoked salmon. For more rich berry fruit flavours, Talisker Port Ruighe is matured twice in casks that have formerly held port, and should ideally be sipped neat.

Why are spirits called spirits?

The term “spirit” in reference to alcohol stems from Middle Eastern alchemy. These alchemists were more concerned with medical elixirs than with transmuting lead into gold. The vapor given off and collected during an alchemical process (as with distillation of alcohol) was called a spirit of the original material.

What are the 3 types of alcohol?

In chemistry, an alcohol exists when a hydroxyl group, a pair of oxygen and hydrogen atoms, replaces the hydrogen atom in a hydrocarbon. Alcohols bind with other atoms to create secondary alcohols. These secondary alcohols are the three types of alcohol that humans use every day: methanol, isopropanol, and ethanol.

What is another name for continuous still?

A column still, also called a continuous still, patent still or Coffey still, is a variety of still consisting of two columns. Column stills can produce rectified spirit (95% ABV).

How much distilled spirits can I make?

It is perfectly legal to own a still larger than 1 gallon so long as it is not being used to distill alcohol or it is permitted to be used for distilling fuel alcohol or spirits.

Can you mix heads and hearts?

Commercial distillers will tell you that It is best to make the head cut late and collect a bit of the hearts with the heads than to make the cut early and have heads mix with your hearts. Along the same note, it is better to make tails cut early and have a bit of hearts in the tails than vise versa.

What is the function of the lyne arm?

While the lyne arm’s primary function is directing vapors to the condenser, it also provides an opportunity for condensation or reflux. Depending on the angle of the lyne arm connection (aka swan neck), there can be an impact on the flavor profile with obtuse angles providing more reflux and acute angles providing the least.

How does the lyne arm affect the flavor profile?

Depending on the angle of the lyne arm connection (aka swan neck), there can be an impact on the flavor profile with obtuse angles providing more reflux and acute angles providing the least. Other rectification design elements exist, such as dephlegmators and purifiers.

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Where is the lyne arm in a worm tub?

As you rightly say, the lyne arm – or lye pipe, to give it its other common name – links the head of the still to the condensing system, most commonly a modern shell-and-tube construction, but sometimes the more traditional worm tub.