What if your college changes names?

To answer your question. If a student graduated when the school was known for its prior name, the student would list the name of the school at the time they graduated. If a student graduated when the school has changed its name then the student would list the name of the new school on his/her resume.

Should you tailor your CV to the job?

If you’ve spent any time looking for jobs, you’ll probably have encountered the advice that you should tailor your CV to the job description of each individual role you apply for. Tailoring your CV will show employers you’re a serious candidate, and that you really want to work for them.

How do you tailor a CV for a career change?

One solution is to develop a ‘hybrid’ CV with an expanded profile and skills section, and a chronological employment history.View your career history through an employer’s eyes. Sell your strengths. Be flexible with layout. Pay attention to language. Include a cover letter.

Why is it important to tailor your CV and cover letters?

It highlights your most relevant experience The purpose of a cover letter is to expand on the skills in your CV to prove you’re a great match for the job. If you tailor your cover letter to each application, you can show potential employers exactly why you’re good for that role specifically.