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What do you put in the highlights section of a resume?

What do you put in the highlights section of a resume?

The highlight section of a resume, also known as a resume summary, lists notable achievements, expertise and experience that are relevant to the job position someone is applying to….Discuss future aspirations.Be brief. Write in bulleted list or paragraph formats. Be focused. Discuss future aspirations.

How do you highlight activities on a resume?

If you choose to include extracurricular activities on your resume, create a section that will highlight volunteer experience or participation in organizations. Follow a similar format to your work experience section by listing the name or the organization and the dates you participated.

What makes an effective employee?

Being a good employee means having a humble attitude and a willingness to learn. This is someone who is able to contribute to the common good of the team and the business. This may include doing tasks that sometimes fall outside of your job description. It also means being enthusiastic, reliable and committed.

What is an effective worker?

An effective worker doesn’t just attempt to complete their tasks as quickly as possible, but works to come up with inventive solutions to problems and continually improve their performance to achieve the best results.