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What are the synonyms of corpulent?

What are the synonyms of corpulent?

Synonyms & Antonyms of corpulent

  • blubbery,
  • chubby,
  • fat,
  • fleshy,
  • full,
  • gross,
  • lardy,
  • obese,

What are three synonyms for corpulent?

synonyms for corpulent

  • burly.
  • fleshy.
  • obese.
  • portly.
  • beefy.
  • blimp.
  • bulky.
  • fat.

Is corpulent a bad word?

Because this is the thing with this word, “corpulent”. Is it an insult? And the word is punctuated with the plosive /p/, coupled with grimacing, sneering, snarling /jʊ/. It is not a pleasant sound; wholly appropriate to anti-Royalist phlegm and invective.

What is a corpulent person?

: having a large bulky body : obese … were a bit corpulent from too many years of privileged living …—

What is the synonym of vent?

Some common synonyms of vent are air, broach, express, utter, and voice. While all these words mean “to make known what one thinks or feels,” vent stresses a strong inner compulsion to express especially in words. a tirade venting his frustration.

What is the synonym of quiescent?

Some common synonyms of quiescent are dormant, latent, and potential. While all these words mean “not now showing signs of activity or existence,” quiescent suggests a usually temporary cessation of activity. the disease was quiescent.

What is a portly man?

(especially of middle-aged or old men) fat and round: He was a portly figure in a tight-fitting jacket and bow tie.

What does Crapulence mean?

1 archaic : sickness occasioned by intemperance (as in food or drink) 2 : great intemperance especially in drinking.

What does Jauntiness mean?

Jauntiness is a characteristic of being happy, carefree, and confident. Your jauntiness makes you a positive and fun person to be around.

What do you call a person you vent to?

If you have a confidante, you’re lucky. She is a friend you can confide in, someone you trust with your private thoughts, and who you’re sure can keep a secret. If your trusted friend is male, you call him your confidant.

How do you vent your emotions?

What are healthy ways to vent?

  1. When you are venting to your friends or family, try to avoid directing your anger or negative emotions toward them. Express your situation as calmly as possible.
  2. Write them down.
  3. Have a good cry.
  4. Seek the help of a therapist.

Which word replaces the phrase at one’s wit’s end?

What is another word for at wits’ end?

madding agitated
crazy delirious
deranged distraught
excited flipped out
fraught freaked out

Which is the closest synonym for the word corpulent?

Corpulent: having an excess of body fat. Synonyms: blubbery, chubby, fat… Antonyms: lean, skinny, slender… Find the right word.

Which is better a thin person or a corpulent person?

Still today, corpulence is thought to be superior to thinness in some of the world’s cultures. But corpulent and corpulence are less often used than they once were, and we’re now probably more likely to say “obese” and “obesity”.

Which is less corpulent Buffon or Buffon the corpulent?

The former was twenty-five years old and very corpulent, the latter was fifteen and was slim and well made. He is less corpulent, and his legs are shorter; in the stomach and intestines, there is a difference of conformation. BUFFON’S NATURAL HISTORY.

Who was afraid of becoming a corpulent person?

VOLUME VII (OF 10) GEORGES LOUIS LECLERC DE BUFFON Always conscious of his deformity, and terribly afraid of becoming corpulent, he was sedulously careful of his person and dress. I would do it myself were it not that a very corpulent and most unexpected pudding is claiming my present attention.