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Is indeed public or private?

Is indeed public or private?

Indeed is correct. Public is public. Make your resume private and go after the employers yourself.

Is seen by indeed any good?

Seen by Indeed is a marketplace for experienced candidates in tech. Those who are accepted can make use of the career coaches and resources. But, their main value prop is that they match you with companies who subscribe to their service.

What is seen by indeed?

Indeed has rolled out a new recruiting platform called “Seen by Indeed,” which the company said connects recruiters with candidates for the “hardest-to-fill tech roles.” Indeed said that unlike its predecessor, Indeed Prime (which focused on recruiting the most qualified tech talent for a small number of roles), Seen …

What is indeed prime?

Indeed Prime is a confidential, free service that puts you in front of leading brands and tech startups with roles you’re interested in. We find out what’s important to you and match you with your dream job.

How do you review a company on indeed?

Rating a company on Indeed is easy. Simply find your current or former employer by searching here: When you’ve found your employer, click the “Write Review” link and submit your review.