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Is Chumbawamba crass?

Is Chumbawamba crass?

Their first vinyl release was a track (“Three Years Later”) on the Crass Records compilation album Bullshit Detector 2. They were initially inspired musically by bands as diverse as the Fall, PiL, Wire, and Adam and the Ants and politically by the anarchist stance of Crass.

Where did Tubthumping come from?

Dave from Cardiff, WalesThis song, though many people’s first contact with Chumbawamba, was not their debut release as popularly supposed. They were originally formed in 1982, and had released a dozen albums before “Tubthumping” came out.

Is Chumbawamba a one hit wonder?

Chumbawamba The British group’s aptly titled album “Tubthumper” sold 3 million copies by February 1998. Despite their success, these one-hit wonders are no longer making music together. After 30 years as a group with a rotating lineup of members, Chumbawamba broke up in 2012.

How many people are in Chumbawamba?

Once termed “cuddly cartoon anarchists,” the peroxided, 30-ish members of Chumbawamba now found themselves on MTV’s 120 Minutes explaining what their music was all about.

Why did Chumbawamba break up?

Chumbawamba, the British “anarchist” band responsible for that 1997 smash hit “Tubthumping,” announced it was breaking up, and if you’re wondering what took them so long, they were probably trying to avoid hearing the obvious jokes about them “getting back up again.”

Who sang I get knocked down I get up again?


How old is Tubthumping?

It is the band’s most successful single, peaking at number two on the UK Singles Chart….Tubthumping.

Released 11 August 1997
Studio Woodlands (Castleford)
Genre Dance-rock
Length 4:38 (album version) 3:33 (single version)

What is the longest album name?

The Boy Bands Have Won
Commonly shortened to The Boy Bands Have Won, its full title contains 156 words (865 characters), and holds the Guinness World Record for the longest album title as of February 2021.

What is the biggest one hit wonder ever?

C4’s UChoose40: One Hit Wonders

# Title Performer
1 “Teenage Dirtbag” Wheatus
2 “How Bizarre” OMC
3 “Because I Got High” Afroman
4 “Ice Ice Baby” Vanilla Ice