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How old is Eiri Yuki from gravitation?

How old is Eiri Yuki from gravitation?

Eiri Yuki

Age 22
Birthday February 23
Hair Blonde
Eyes Light Brown

What happened to Yuki in gravitation?

In the Gravitation EX first book, Yuki is temporarily, according to Yuki, blinded. It is unknown whether or not his eyes will heal. He did it to save Riku Kitazawa (his deceased past mentor Yuki Kitazawa’s orphaned child) from being ran over by a semi-truck, which is unlike his original character.

How old is Shindo Shuichi?


Shuichi Shindo
Age 19
Birthday April 16
Hair Pink (Reddish-Purple in the OVA)
Eyes Purple (Green in OVA)

What happened at the end of Gravitation anime?

At the end of the original manga, Yuki and Shuichi had finally reached an understanding and were going to New York so that they could visit Yuki Kitazawa’s grave together. The final images of the series showed them wearing matching rings, Shuichi telling Yuki that he loved him, and Yuki smiling sweetly back at him.

Is gravitation a bl?

Gravitation (Japanese: グラビテーション, Hepburn: Gurabitēshon) is a yaoi manga series written and illustrated by Maki Murakami. The manga was published by Gentosha and was serialized on Kimi to Boku starting in 1996 and ending in 2002.

Is the anime given?

Given (ギヴン,, givun?) is an anime adaption based on the manga of the same name written and illustrated by Natsuki Kizu. The anime was produced by Lerche and aired on TV and stream beginning on July 11, 2019 concluding September 19, 2019.

Is Gravitation a bl?

Gravitation (Japanese: グラビテーション, Hepburn: Gurabitēshon) is a yaoi manga series written and illustrated by Maki Murakami. The story follows the attempts of Shuichi Shindo and his band, Bad Luck, to become Japan’s next musical sensation, and his struggles to capture Eiri Yuki’s heart.

Is Gravitation a good anime?

A fantastic anime – romantic, funny, dramatic, exciting! Gravitation is one of my all-time favorite animes. It’s got a great story line and some of the most unique characters I’ve ever encountered. The star, Shindou Shuichi and his best friend Nakano Hiroshi are a struggling Japanese Rock band.

What happened to Kirie and Shuichi?

As the two of them are constantly pitted against the Spiral directly due to its apparent interest in them specifically, Shuichi and Kirie frequently save each other’s lives, but ultimately, at the end, once they are the last ones left after the Spiral destroyed and killed the entire town, they agree to die together.

When was Shuichi born?


Name Shuichi Saihara
Birth date September 7 (Scorpio)
Gender Male
Chest size 80cm / 32in
Height 5’7″ / 171cm

Is Loveless a bl?

The yaoi fangirls are going to kill me here. Loveless stands up with Gravitation, Junjou Romantica, and Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi as one of those BL anime that all yaoi fans love.

What kind of anime is love stage?

Romantic comedy
Love Stage!!

ラブ ステージ (Rabu Sutēji)
Genre Romantic comedy, Yaoi
Written by Eiki Eiki
Illustrated by Taishi Zaō