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How much is startime disc?

How much is startime disc?

Currently, the Startimes Combo Bouquet costs about KSh. 2,000. However, if you want the decoder with the dish in the same package, you will spend about KSh. 3,000.

What are the charges for StarTimes?

Startimes Kenya offers the 3 packages under the antenna or aerial digital TV option; Nyota bouquet….List of StarTimes Kenya Antenna Channels in 2021.

Package Channels (at least) Price
StarTimes Basic 60 Ksh. 599/mo
StarTimes Classic 78 Ksh. 899/mo

How much is StarTimes annual subscription in Uganda?

Compare TV

NETWORK Plan Price
Star Times DTH_Super Bouquet 54000|Per Month
Star Times DTH_French Bouquet 72000|Per Month
GoTV GOtv Lite- Annual 77000|For 12 months
Star Times DTH_Chinese Bouquet 80000|Per Month

How much is startime monthly subscription?

Here is a full list of StarTimes Kenya Packages 2020 and StarTimes Channels for 2020….DDT packages, channels, and prices:

StarTimes Bouquet Monthly Subscription Fee Number Of Channels
Classic Bouquet Ksh 899 72+ Channels
Basic Ksh 599 31+ Channels
Nyota Bouquet Ksh 299 27+ Channels

How much is StarTimes per day?

Subscribers can pay a daily fee of KES 25 for Nyota, KES 60 for Basic bouquet or KES 85 for Classic. Weekly charges for Nyota, Basic and Classic bouquets are KES 95, KES 220 and KES 340 respectively.

How much should I pay for StarTimes decoder?

The StarTimes Pay Television terrestrial Digital Box will now retail at KES 999 from 1,499 (-33%), while the satellite full kit with dish, decoder, 10 metre cable and accessories will retail at KES 2,699 from 2,999 (-10%).

How much does StarTimes dish cost?

How much is StarTimes monthly subscription in Uganda?

Startimes Uganda Terrestrial packages and prices(No dish required)

Startimes Uganda bouquets and prices 2015
Bouquet Subscription (in Ugx) Duration
Nova 6,000/- 7 months
Basic 16,500/- 2.5 months
Classic 33,000/- 5 weeks

How do I activate StarTimes pay per day?

You can pay via your mobile phone using mobile recharge, just dial *322*8888*amount#. You can as well pay via quickteller, just log on to When paying via Bank USSD, select bill payment and from there select cable TV followed by selecting Startimes.

How much is StarTimes full kit?

How much is basic bouquet on StarTimes per day?

Up next is the StarTimes Basic bouquet for those who want to a few more channels not offered by the Nyota Bouquet. The Basic bouquet is available in Kenya for Ksh 599. StarTimes Basic bouquet offers 20 different channels including major news channels like the BBC.

Can I subscribe StarTimes for a day?

There are six (6) packages available on Startimes which include Nova, Basic, Classic, Smart, Super and Unique. These packages has different number of channels. All customers can choose from these packages and subscribe daily, weekly or monthly.