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How many views does Rip trippers have on YouTube?

How many views does Rip trippers have on YouTube?

RiP Trippers – YouTube Only Vape Reviewer With Over 1 Million Subs260 Million+ ViewsSmoking Is Dead, Vaping Is The Future And The Future Is Now! Only Vape Reviewer With Over 1 Million Subs 260 Million+ Views Smoking Is Dead, Vaping Is The Future And The Future Is Now!

What are the names of Rip trippers children?

He likes to keep most aspects of his life private, but what we do know is that his wife’s name is Lauren and they have three beautiful children. A girl called Penny and two boys. One named Darcy and one with an undisclosed name. They live in a modest-sized double-story home in Nashville, Tennessee.

What kind of Hat does Rip trippers wear?

RiP Trippers oozes confidence and is quite a unique individual. His iconic hat, sunglasses, teeth, and energy on camera are at times memorizing. But when you look a bit closer, small cracks of deception appear.

When was the last time rip trippers vaped?

On February 24, 2020, RiP Trippers posted his last vaping review “ever”. Viewers were unaware of this at the time because he didn’t officially state it or post about it on his social media. He then released two unrelated vaping videos about dieting and anxiety.

Love or hate him, RiP Trippers is one of the most popular vape reviewers on YouTube. To be exact, he has 1.35 million subscribers and 261,001,707 views at the time of writing this article. Other vape reviewers on YouTube don’t even come close to that number.

What kind of ejuice does Rip trippers sell?

Reports suggest that Trip most likely received 2% of every sale from that particular product. RiP Trippers also has his very own ejuice line called ‘Spotlight’. This includes the very popular Rainbow Nuggets flavor which always seems to be sold out. This may be because he sold his share of Vapetrik a few years ago.

How old was Rip trippers when he started?

RiP Trippers was born in North Carolina on the 12th of July 1983. His father was a realtor and his mother was an award-winning artist. At the age of 42, his father decided to quit his job and became an entrepreneur. This appears to be what inspired RiP Trippers to also work for himself.

Which is the best mod for a vaping tank?

The mod comes with the NRG PE Tank, with a 0.15 ohm GT4 mesh coil and a 0.5 ohm GT Ccell coil included with the kit too. Both of these work really well, but the mesh in particular offers exceptional performance. The tank has a simple threaded top-filling system and dual adjustable airflow slots so you can get the type of draw you want.