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How do you write month and year on resume?

How do you write month and year on resume?

Spell out months when listing them on your resume. Do not abbreviate, such as Dec. 2009. Instead write the full December 2009. Add your month and year of graduation from any academic programs or when you received any certifications, such as September 2005.

How do you write dates on a CV?

If you indicate January 2003 March 2005 as the dates you undertook one particular role, follow this format (full month name and year) throughout your career history. I tend to abbreviate dates within the career history to give the first three letters of the month name and the year, for example Jan. 2003 Mar.

Is date of birth necessary in CV?

Age and date of birth As your age doesn’t affect your ability to do the job you’re applying for, it has no place on your CV. Employers should measure your ability on years of experience, not how old you are.

What are good things to have on your CV?

Take a look at the top five things you should always include in your CV to ensure your job applications impress every employer.Name, professional title and contact details. The first thing to include in your CV is your name. Personal profile. Employment history. Education and qualifications. Little extras. Related Articles: