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How do you say quick learner in one word?

How do you say quick learner in one word?

Synonyms for ‘Quick Learner’ or ‘Fast Learner’Able to grasp new concepts quickly and efficiently.I grasp new concepts and ideas quickly.Able to master new skills quickly.I process and apply new skills and concepts quickly.Superior capacity of understanding new concepts and applying them correctly.

Is fast learning a skill?

A fast learner is someone who embodies the skills of being a strategic thinker and a good listener and applies them to learning quickly. Being a fast learner is a broad skill category that includes many hard skills that may be valuable for your resume in the following areas: Communication.

What is it called when u work for free?

Answered July 17 · Author has 121 answers and 197.6K answer views. Usually it would be called volunteering. Other answers suggest ‘pro bono’, but that is a Latin term meaning ‘for the benefit of everyone’, and is often used by lawyers or other professionals when they do community work without charge.