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How do you put waitress on a resume?

How do you put waitress on a resume?

Add a section to your resume titled, “specialized skills,” where you can play up the various customer-service aspects of your role as a waiter….Example:Exceptional, personalized customer service.Attention to detail.Multitasking.Dispute resolution.Teamwork.Interpersonal communication.Multilingual (if applicable)

What are the qualities of a waitress?

Top Qualities of a Great Restaurant Waiter!Appearance: Waiters are the face of a restaurant. Punctuality: Cordial & Hospitable: Profound knowledge of menu: Inspect the item before serving: Observant & attentive: Quick post meal service: Tip accepting manners:

How can I be an effective waitress?

Here are 5 serving tips on how to be a good waiter or waitress.The customer is always right. The first rule of being a good server is to remember the customer is always right. Be friendly but professional. Know the menu forward and backward. Practice good hygiene. Always upsell, but not in an obnoxious way.

How should a waitress dress?

Attire. Select a dark or neutral-colored suit and coordinating separates, such as a skirt or slacks, blouse and cardigan for a well-put-together look for your interview. Avoid overly trendy or inappropriate attire, such as miniskirts, animal prints or leather skirts or pants.

How should you dress for a waitress interview?

You’ll want to dress conservatively, even if you’re interviewing for a casual restaurant. For men, this means clean, wrinkle-free khakis or slacks with a nice button down shirt. For women, it means nice pants or a skirt and a blouse or casual dress.

Are leggings work appropriate?

Are leggings appropriate for the workplace? The answer is: it depends. If you work in a conservative, traditional office environment, leggings will most likely not be accepted as appropriate workwear. On the other hand, casual workplaces might have no problem with leggings.

What kind of pants do waitresses wear?

Servers are expected to wear black business casual pants and or black skirt/shorts. Black pants. Servers are required to wear black pants, not black jeans.

Are leggings appropriate for an interview?

You might be able to wear leggings to an interview for a trainer position at a gym. 3. The leggings are under a skirt and it’s cold outside. If the office is casual, and people are not wearing suits, leggings under a skirt should usually be fine.