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How do you prepare for a job fair?

How do you prepare for a job fair?

How to Prepare for a Careers FairWork out what you want from a careers fair. Gather as much information about the careers fair as possible. Check out who is attending. Research, research, research. Write down a list of questions that you want to ask them. Practice a pitch. Prepare a CV and take along copies. Companies love organised types.

How do you prepare for a virtual job fair?

Here are eight important tips for preparing for a Virtual Career Fair:Update Your Resume. Research Companies. Create a Calendar Reminder. Prepare Your Introduction. Dress Appropriately. Have Your Paperwork in Order and Test Your Internet and Video Connections. Keep Organized. Send Thank You Notes.

What should I expect at a virtual job fair?

A virtual career fair may offer resources for job seekers, such as resume tips, career quizzes, or videos about how to present yourself in an interview. At each company’s booth, there may be an opportunity for personal contact, such as a chat room, or you may be able to leave your resume or email the company.