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How do you list education and certifications on resume?

How do you list education and certifications on resume?

After your name, in your summary, in a certifications section near the top, and in your experience section. If they’re not, in a resume certifications section below your education.

Which sentence is an example of concession?

This concession involved important consequences. Genoa determined to oppose the concession, and war broke out. But even this concession did not satisfy them; they dethroned Selim and proclaimed his nephew Mustafa.

What is an example of concession?

Examples of Concession: A teenager arguing to her parents that she needs a cell phone makes the following concession: A politician arguing that his country needs to send troops into a warzone makes the following concession: I know that any time we send troops into harm’s way, it is a risk that some will not come back.

How do you start a concession paragraph?

You could start this paragraph in a number of ways: “It could be argued . . .” or “Some have suggested that . . . ” or “It might be possible to consider that . . . ” or anything that lets your reader know that this is not your own point of view.

What is a concessionary?

(kənseʃənri ) adjective [ADJECTIVE noun] A concessionary price is a special price which is lower than the normal one and which is often given to old people, students, and the unemployed.

What does concessionary ticket mean?

A ticket type labeled “Concession” may vary from event to event. It may refer to a student or senior and offer a discounted ticket price. Please note that you may be asked to supply your student ID or senior Gold Card at the door/gate of the event when presenting your a Concession ticket.

What does concessionary travel mean?

Reduced ticket-price or rate offered to certain type of passengers, such as members of armed forces, veterans, members of a specific organization.

What is concessionary bus pass?

Concessionary bus pass holders – get free travel. If you have reached state pension age or have a certain disability, you may be eligible for a concessionary bus pass from your local council. Concessionary bus pass holders can enjoy free travel in England, Scotland or Wales on most of our Stagecoach bus services.

What does C+ mean on a bus pass?

companion pass holder

Who pays for concessionary bus passes?

Nationally, the Department for Transport spends £1bn a year on free travel. It channels the money through local councils who then pay the bus companies for the revenue they have lost through allowing the elderly to travel for free.