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How do I make a good design portfolio?

How do I make a good design portfolio?

How to make a graphic design portfolioCurate your best work, and show a wide breadth of skill.Choose the right platform to showcase your work.Include a professional case study, or client recommendations.Integrate your personality.Describe the creative process.Show non-client work, or side projects.

How do you bring a portfolio to an interview?

The elements of a portfolio can vary widely but frequently are composed of items such as:Resume (customized for the opportunity). PDF version of your LinkedIn Profile. Cover letter.Reference page.Copies of letters of recommendation.Copies of educational certificates, certifications, licenses, and degrees.

Is it good to bring a portfolio to an interview?

Depending on the kind of job you’re after, it might be valuable to bring a portfolio of your past work. This can be a folder, binder or even a website shown on your tablet. Your portfolio should be organized in a way that makes it easy to reference during your interview.