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Academic Writing: Basics to Know About It

If you are performing research on academic writing and thinking about how to write your first academic paper, then you have been lucky enough to be accepted to the college or university. It is certain that your high school experience in paper writing will be useful; however, there are some particularities you should keep in mind in order to get your paper evaluated with a good grade.

Tips on Writing a Good Academic Paper

If you are already a college student, be prepared to write lots of academic papers at many courses during your studies. It will take time if you really want your paper to be graded well. So, make a schedule and set a deadline for every step on your way of writing a good academic paper. The steps of writing can be described as following:

  1. Research. There is no other way to write an academic paper than to make a good research first. You have to read and make notes of as many sources as you can find. And, above all others, you have to examine the course readings. The matter is that you are assigned to read them during your course, then you have to make use of them as well. It will show that your paper is relevant to the course. One more thing is citing of the course readings in your bibliography. Do it properly as required.
  2. Organize the information you have gathered and make a thesis statement, which is the main idea of your paper. Keep in mind that your statement must express not what you feel or think, but what you know and can prove with evidence. Do not use general phrases for the statement, but find a specific and debatable argument.
  3. Write the first draft, give special consideration to the introduction and conclusion parts of your paper. Always start with something interesting, which will make your reader continue and not get bored from the first lines of your paper. In the conclusion try to avoid general phrases as well and just summarize your main argument, you have expressed in the thesis statement.
  4. Revise for completeness, conciseness and clarity. Be sure that you have cited other people’s specific ideas. Your reader has the right to know where you are expressing your own opinion and where you are citing other authors. Pay attention to the rules of citation, actually, it is professors’ favourite subject. Do not forget to make a bibliography list of all the materials you have cited in your paper, including all Internet resources. Actually using the Internet for writing an academic paper and checking your writing on plagiarism using detector de plagio gratuito, can be worthless since these sources are on average much less reliable than printed ones. Therefore, first read all the sources available on paper and only then refer to the information published on the Internet.
  5. Edit and proofread – first do it by yourself and then find someone who can do it for you. Remember that even if you have great ideas in your paper, but bad grammar, spelling, and incorrect use of the language take place in it, they will destroy all your efforts to impress your reader. So, have time to read every sentence carefully.

Optional Way to Get a Good Academic Paper

Actually, during studies, students have to write scores of papers and sometimes it can be boring, while for some students it turns into a real torture. Usually, they wait until the deadline and write their papers on the last night without expressing any clear idea. Of course, the result they get later is relevant to the efforts they have applied. For such students, online writing services can be advised, now that almost all of us have an easy access to the Internet. With such services, these students can be sure that they will get a professional help and will save time and health for other things. Of course, if a student has decided to apply for the help of such services he or she has to pay attention to the following:

  1. The credibility of the website. Find some time to read comments and reviews about the site and the works they have performed before on the relevant forums and platforms.
  2. The communication style of the site representatives. Pay attention to the way they are interacting with you. Not only politeness is important, but well-bred speech also, since it shows how the site owners take care of the reputation of their company, which provides such intellectual services.
  3. Errors and mistakes on the site. There is no place for them if you want a presentable academic paper.
  4. The real address and phone number of the company presenting the site on the Internet. They are the indicators that the company really exists and you will have the right to vindicate your claim if something goes wrong.

Closing Remarks

The point of this article is to give you an idea of how a good academic paper should be structured despite the fact whether you will write it on your own or will order it on the Internet. Focus your attention on the tips provided hereinbefore and get good grades for your efforts.