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Who are the owners of the BMW R100?

Who are the owners of the BMW R100?

This motorcycle is a 2 owner machine, previously owned by my father in southern California who purchased the bike new in June of 1977. It had been wel… 1978 BMW R100/7 Custom Build & RestoredAll Electrical work & Major Engine work done by Irv Seaver BMW Motorcycles in Orange CountyFeatures:Motogadegt

When did Walter Zeller ride a BMW r100r?

Bike Ridden and Signed by Walter Zeller One of the BMW R100R Models used in BMW Battle of the Legends events in 1993. When asked to join the BMW Battle of the Legends for the second race in 1993 he did so graciously and without fanfare.

What kind of engine does a BMW your 100 have?

1979 BMW R 100 RT. BMW R 100, with variant models designated by T, S, CS, RS, RS Classic, RT, RT Classic, TIC, R and GS is a BMW motorcycle series, using a two-cylinder four-stroke boxer engine of 980 cc capacity.

Is the BMW r100r a street ready bike?

This BMW Factory prepared R100R is the nicest running R100R we? ve ever had the pleasure to ride! the motor is strong the suspension a pleasure. This bike has also been made street ready with the addition of turn signals center stand and side stand.

What kind of bike is the BMW your 100?

1979 BMW R100RT, The 1979 MY BMW R 100 RT comes with standard fittings such as die-cast aluminum wheels, a chromed, dual exhaust, a dual seat, a small… 1980 BMW R100, Contact Michael Baker (Cycle Listing) at 817-834-1392 or [email protected] for more information. -… 1994 BMW R100R MYSTIC, A Real Gem!

Is the 1993 BMW your 100 GS for sale?

1993 BMW R 100 GS, Luggage Racks, Hand Guards, Engine Guards, Heated Grips… This is a RUNNING PROJECT BIKE that has a great deal to offer on top of its very realistic price. Here’s a highly sought after 1,000 cc Airhead with…