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Which movies have monologues?

Which movies have monologues?

Here are some of the best movie monologues.

  • American Psycho – “Morning Routine”
  • Queen & Slim- “What Do You Want?”
  • Star Wars Episode V – “I Am Your Father”
  • Whiplash – “Break Up”
  • It’s A Wonderful Life – “Lasso the Moon”
  • The Big Lebowski – “I’m the Dude”
  • Training Day- “King Kong”
  • Rudy – Fortune’s Truth.

What Disney movies have monologues?

Monologues from Movies for Kids.

  • 101 DALMATIANS: Cruella DeVille.
  • ARISTOCATS: Duchess.
  • ALADDIN: Aladdin.
  • SEUSSICAL: Cat In The Hat: Cat.
  • Where can I find film monologues?

    You can find them online from a number of websites, including, Stage Agent Monologues, and Monologue Archive just to name a few. You can also purchase books, such as Radioactive Monologues for Women, Best Contemporary Monologues, or Monologues for Actors of Color.

    Who has the best monologue?

    Here are the 20 Greatest Monologues in Movie History:

    • 8 Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now.
    • 7 Ellen Burstyn in Requiem for a Dream.
    • 6 Tom Wilkinson in Michael Clayton.
    • 5 Meryl Streep in Sophie’s Choice.
    • 4 Mo’Nique in Precious.
    • 3 Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction.
    • 2 Viola Davis in Doubt.
    • 1 Gregory Peck in To Kill a Mockingbird.

    What is a good monologue?

    A great monologue is an opportunity to give insight into a character or theme in a unique way, a way that only a monologue could do. A great monologue is not just about the language used. It’s about timing and pacing within the rest of the script.

    What is a monologue for kids?

    definition 1: a long speech or reading given by a single speaker.

    What is a movie monologue?

    A monologue is a speech given by a single character in a story. In drama, it is the vocalization of a character’s thoughts; in literature, the verbalization. It is traditionally a device used in theater—a speech to be given on stage—but nowadays, its use extends to film and television.

    How do you deliver the best monologue?

    Tips for Performing Your Best Monologue

    1. Avoid fidgeting beforehand.
    2. Don’t stare down the panel – pick a specific point for delivery!
    3. Pick from a play.
    4. Introduce or look for levels.
    5. Don’t go over time.
    6. Try to find something unique.
    7. Do your research.
    8. Show your personality.

    Can you do monologues from movies?

    We generally encourage actors to use theatre monologues for auditions, but there have been some mighty fine monologues from the big screen over the years that are definitely worth a look. There is a stigma around auditioning using a movie monologue, and so often it isn’t done.

    How do you memorize a monologue?

    Start by breaking the monologue down into chunks, either using natural breaking points like paragraphs or simply dividing it into even sections. Focus all of your attention on the first chunk until you have it committed to memory. Then move on to the next one, adding it to the first one after you have both memorized.

    What is the most famous monologue ever?

    Why are monologues so important in a movie?

    A greatly written movie monologue can propel a film up through the ranks of cinematic history. If performed just right, they can become cultural moments that make a movie worthy of a few rewatches. You know one when you see one; It’s that moment when a character drops resonant bar after bar.

    Where can I find free comedy monologues?

    Browse dozens of monologues, sortable by genre (drama, comedy, dramedy) and gender. These monologues are free for classroom and audition use. To use them in Thespian adjudicated Individual Events and similar competitions/festivals, just purchase a copy (digital or printed) of the play from which they come.

    How do I request a monologue on YouthPLAYS?

    1. Once you find a monologue (or monologues) that suit your needs, please click on and fill out the Monologue Request Form. 2. We will do our best to confirm permission within 2 business days, but give yourself time to hear back.