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Which is the best definition of the word circuitous?

Which is the best definition of the word circuitous?

‘It’s a long and circuitous journey from start to finish today.’ ‘Traffic was not allowed and commuters had to take circuitous routes.’ ‘And then he came home and wrote about his circuitous journey.’ ‘A walk through Bootham Park offers a circuitous route into York, keeping well away from the noise and fumes of Gillygate.’

Which is the best definition of a led?

Definition of LED (Entry 2 of 2) : a semiconductor diode that emits light when a voltage is applied to it and that is used especially in electronic devices (as for an indicator light) When to Use Lead or Led There is some persistent confusion about lead and led.

What is the meaning of the book circuitously?

It is an amazingly clever, circuitously fascinating novel. I went circuitously home, taking all the back ways. One end of the channel circuitously led to the Gulf, the other to a dead end. Want to learn more?

Is the past participle of lead spelled led?

The homophonic confusion leads to homographic confusion, and you will therefore occasionally see lead in constructions where led is called for (as in, “She lead the ducklings to safety” instead of “She led the ducklings to safety”). The correct past and past participle of lead is spelled led.

cir·​cu·​i·​tous | \\ (ˌ)sər-ˈkyü-ə-təs \\. 1 : having a circular or winding course a circuitous route a circuitous journey by snowmobile. 2 : not being forthright or direct in language or action a circuitous explanation His circuitous form of logic was mind-boggling.

Where was the circuitous route on the GPS?

The path I took was circuitous but ultimately true to those adolescent interests. It is some 4,000 kilometers west of Diego Garcia, but the GPS signals traced a circuitous route that wound through more than 6,000 kilometers of open ocean.

Is the road over the mountains circuitous or steep?

But at last, long after nightfall, with baby fast asleep, Scattergood drove into Coldriver by deserted and circuitous roads. The pass over the mountains is circuitous and steep, but in fair weather persons travel on the road along the shore.

How big is circuitous sea creature in feet?

— Lilah Raynor, Forbes, 18 June 2021 The beaching adds to the 65-foot-long creature’s weeks-long circuitous journey — from being killed at sea to being unknowingly brought into Naval Base San Diego, then being towed back to sea and finally floating back to the California coastline. — Kristina Davis, San Diego Union-Tribune, 21 May 2021