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Where can I find out about acceleration kart racing?

Where can I find out about acceleration kart racing?

Find out the class offerings from the entry desk or the kart track website. Most tracks have a website with classes and results posted. Visit a local kart shop or two, browse equipment and ask questions. One consideration before buying is seeing if your local track offers arrive and drive sessions.

Why is kart racing a great family sport?

Kart racing It is a great family sport that everyone can get involved with. Some families have multiple drivers which can include, dad, mom, grandpa, etc. But whether you are driving, assisting, or a spectator you won’t be disappointed. It’s a great way to spend the weekend with the family.

What kind of engines are used in kart racing?

There are 2 stroke classes like a TaG or Rotax , 4-cycle classes like the Briggs LO206 and World Formula, and Shifter kart engines like the Honda CR125 or ICC. Minimum weight requirements are higher and so are speeds. 32 years and older – Masters: The masters classes have some of the best turn outs and can be the most exciting to watch.

How can I become a kart racing Racer?

Go to your local kart track/s, walk around, and ask the racers questions. Most racers are very friendly and more than happy to give you tips to get into the sport they love.

Why are so many NASCAR drivers racing karts?

Most current Formula 1 drivers and many Nascar drivers started with racing karts, and many still use them for training during off season. Kart racing is relatively affordable and allows for more seat time than any other racing vehicle. Due to the wide array of classes available it is easy to find something that will fit your budget.

How much does it cost to race a used kart?

As a beginner, a used kart in good condition (no more than 5 years) is an option worth consideration. A used kart can run between $1,500 to $7,000. For club membership and race fees, you should consider another few hundred dollars per year. Most local tracks require a racing jacket or suit, a helmet, and gloves at minimum.