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What was the first Phish show?

What was the first Phish show?

The new group performed their first concert at Harris Millis Cafeteria at the University of Vermont on December 2, 1983, where they played a set of classic rock covers, including two songs by the Grateful Dead.

How many shows did Phish play in 1998?


Name When Number of Shows
1997 Summer European Tour 1997 Summer 19 shows
1997 Summer U.S. Tour 1997 Summer 19 shows
1997 Winter European Tour 1997 Winter 14 shows
1998 Fall Tour 1998 Fall 22 shows

Where did Phish play in 1997?

Phish At The Palace In Auburn Hills In 1997

Tweezer 00:00:00
Izabella 00:14:24
Twist 00:23:50
Piper 00:31:35
Sleeping Monkey 00:45:49

When was Phish’s last show?

October 7th, 2000
Twenty years ago today, on October 7th, 2000, Phish played their final show before their first hiatus at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California, bringing Phish 1.0 to a close.

How many people have died at Phish shows?

Over the years, eight people have died at a Phish concert.

Are Phish good musicians?

Phish is extraordinary. They are nothing like the Dead, despite sharing some major influences musically (funk, soul, r&b, blues, reggae, bluegrass, jazz) Phish is much closer to Zappa, and their jamming style is quite different and more sophisticated.

How many times has Phish played?

There have been 150 shows since the live debut. “More” has been played approximately once every 64.9 shows. Since its debut, “More” has been played, on average, once every 5.2 shows….More as performed by Phish.

Venue Verizon Wireless Amphitheatr…
Gap 4
Set 1
Song Before Alaska
Song After ***

Why does the Phish drummer wear a dress?

That was a ritual too. If he [Jon Fishman, drummer] didn’t wear the dress it would be a bad gig. He had a three-piece suit he was wearing at one point too for a while, and those were bad gigs, and so back came the dress. It’s kind of like working with music.

How long are Phish sets?

It’s basically like a NFL game with a halftime that’s 2-3 times longer. Probably an average of 3 1/2 hours from first note to last. 7:15-10:45ish.

What was Trey addicted to?

opiate addiction
Trey Anastasio, guitarist for the rock band Phish, was living in Vermont when he developed an opiate addiction. He was arrested in late 2006 in Whitehall, New York, after police stopped his car and found him in possession of drugs. Anastasio marked his 14th year of sobriety Jan. 5.

Is Phish a hippie band?

Both are guitar-based rock bands that came to prominence in the ’90s with incredible fan bases, with Phish falling into the hippie culture and DMB building a following through college frat parties and mainstream radio play. Both are jam bands with a penchant for playing long, improvisational songs in concert.

Is Phish overrated?

Phish has a legion of devoted fans that unite together much like The Grateful Dead. There are many reasons why they are overrated, but the most important is that Phish just makes mediocre music.

When did Phish first play a live show?

For Phish, who have played 1700-plus known shows since they first debuted on Dec. 2, 1983, there’s no shortage of live shows out there.

What did they do in the early days of Phish?

In the early days, Phish might have played someone’s backyard, a farm, or in this case, a “family park,” where as the flier for the show said, one could play miniature golf, go swimming in the river, or enjoy “creamy ice cream.”

When did Phish play at the Aladdin Theater?

Of the live shows the band has officially released, this one, like many of the band’s ‘80s shows, is raw and playful, the latter a characteristic that would come to define them. 9. Vegas ‘96 (12/6/96, Aladdin Theater, Las Vegas, NV)

When did Phish play at the Great Woods?

The event will see Phish performing for four nights on the beach, including a welcome set on Thursday night and a special early evening start time on Sunday, in one of the Dinner And A Movie continues Tuesday and will feature Phish’s July 24, 1993 show from the Great Woods Center for the Performing Arts in Mansfield, MA.