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What kind of camera does the Samsung Galaxy S4 have?

What kind of camera does the Samsung Galaxy S4 have?

While the front cameras of the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2, both released in 2012, are only able to capture videos at up to 720p HD resolution, the front camera of the Galaxy S4 allows 1080p Full HD video recording for the first time in any Samsung mobile phone.

What kind of battery does the Samsung Galaxy S4 have?

The S4 contains a 2600 mAh, NFC -enabled battery. The S4 was originally released with Android 4.2.2 and Samsung’s TouchWiz Nature UX 2 interface. The Galaxy S4 is known for introducing a range of new extended interaction features to the Samsung Galaxy S series .

Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 compatible with LTE?

Regional models of the S4 vary in support for LTE; for Exynos 5-based models, while the E300K/L/S versions support LTE, with the Cortex-A15 also clocked at 1.6 GHz. the GT-I9500 model does not. The S4 GT-I9505 includes a multiband LTE transceiver.

What is the codename for the Samsung Galaxy S4?

Galaxy S4 in White Codename ja3gxx for Exynos variant (9500) and jfl Manufacturer Samsung Electronics Slogan Life companion Series Galaxy S

Where is the headphone jack on the Samsung Galaxy S4?

A headphone jack, secondary microphone and infrared blaster are located at the top. The S4 is widely available in black and white color finishes; in selected regions, Samsung also introduced versions in red, purple, pink, brown with gold trim, and light pink with gold trim.

How many units has the Samsung Galaxy S4 sold?

It became Samsung’s fastest selling smartphone and eventually Samsung’s best selling smartphone with 20 million sold worldwide in the first two months, and 40 million in the first six months. In total, more than 80 million Galaxy S4 units have been sold, making it the most selling Android-powered mobile phone of all time.