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What is the regional name of region 7?

What is the regional name of region 7?

Central Visayas Region
The Central Visayas Region (Region 7) lies at the center of the Philippine archipelago between the major islands of Luzon and Mindanao.

What is Region 7 known?

Located in the central part of the Visayas island group. Region 7 consists of four provinces – Bohol, Cebu, Negros Oriental, and Siquijor, highly urbanized cities and developing municipalities….Population and Land Area.

Province Population Land Area
Siquijor 87,695 337.5 sq. km.

What is the historical structures found in Visayas?

The Most Interesting Historical Places in Visayas

  • Magellan’s Cross. 3.5. Tours from $36.
  • Fort San Pedro. 3.6. Tours from $55.
  • Taoist Temple. 4.0. Tours from $45.
  • Yap Sandiego Ancestral House. 4.2.
  • Rizal Boulevard. 3.5.
  • Temple of Leah. 3.0.
  • Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Catholic Church. 4.2.
  • Virgen dela Regla National Shrine. 4.2.

What is the history of Visayas?

The Visayans first encountered Western Civilization when Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan reached the island of Homonhon, Eastern Samar in 1521. The Visayas became part of the Spanish colony of the Philippines and the history of the Visayans became intertwined with the history of the Philippines.

What are the festivals in Region 7?


  • Ati-atihan Festival (January)
  • Dinagyang Festival (January)
  • Sinulog Festival (January)
  • Pintados Festival (June)
  • MassKara Festival (October)

What is the name of region 8?


Potaro-Siparuni Region 8
Administrative Region
Map of Guyana showing Potaro-Siparuni region
Country Guyana Claimed by Venezuela (as part of Bolívar state) (to the west of Essequibo river)
Regional Capital Mahdia

What is Region 8 known?

Region VIII, also known as Eastern Visayas Region, lies in the easternmost border of the Philippine Archipelago. The region consists of six provinces: Leyte, Biliran, Southern Leyte,West Samar, Eastern Samar and Northern Samar.

What cities are part of Region 7?

Central Visayas, designated as Region VII, is a region of the Philippines located in the central part of the Visayas island group. It consists of four provinces—Bohol, Cebu, Negros Oriental, and Siquijor— and the highly urbanized cities of Cebu City, Lapu-Lapu City, and Mandaue City.

Why Iloilo is the city of love?

Its capital, Iloilo City, goes by many monikers. In 1986, a Royal Decree from Spain declared the place “La Muy Leal y Noble Cuidad de Iloilo”, which means “the Most Loyal and Noble City of Iloilo”, cementing the Spanish monarchy’s favour and deep affection. A more modern take on Iloilo’s capital is the “City of Love”.

What is the heritage industry in Iloilo?

There are 33 heritage mansions in Iloilo. These buildings are mostly owned by affluent families who acquired their wealth from the sugar industry that used to be Iloilo’s main industry. This is why the locals consider Iloilo the Queen of the South, although Cebu’s snagged that title.

What is the largest ethnic group in the Philippines?

Tagalog. As one of the major ethnic groups in the Philippines, the Tagalogs are believed to be the largest ethnic group in the Philippines. Most of these locals are living in the National Capital Region (NCR), Region 4A (CALABARZON), and Region 4B (MIMAROPA), and have strong political influence in the country.