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What is the cost of Taj Falaknuma Palace?

What is the cost of Taj Falaknuma Palace?


Provider Nightly total ₹ 18,123
FINDHOTEL ₹ 18,315 ₹ 19,760

How much does a wedding cost in Hyderabad?

Hence, the cost of hosting a wedding in Hyderabad may range between 10 Lakhs to 60 Lakh. For instance, a budget wedding in Hyderabad will cost you 10 – 15 Lakhs, whereas a mid-range wedding will cost you 30 – 35 Lakhs and for a lavish wedding there is no limit as such but still it can be taken care in 60 Lakhs.

Who owns Falaknuma Palace now?

Mukarram Jah

Falaknuma Palace
Owner Mukarram Jah
Management Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces
Technical details
Size 93,971 m2 (1,011,500 sq ft)

Can we go inside Falaknuma Palace?

Although Taj Falaknuma Palace is one of the most important places to visit in Hyderabad, it is not open for general public. If interested in visiting you can book a day tour, Nizam Palaces Tour by Telangana Tourism. Visitors are taken to Falaknuma for tea in evening where they can also see this captivating palace.

Is Falaknuma Palace worth visiting?

Taj Falaknuma is a must experience for people who value history. A palace converted to a Palace Hotel by Taj over a period of 10years lives up to it’s advertising. The huge Palace grounds have virtually everything one expects from an expensive property.

Are kids allowed in Taj Falaknuma?

Hi Shruti, kids are allowed at Falaknuma.

How much does wedding at Falaknuma Palace cost?

Falaknuma Palace cost According to the official website of Falaknuma Palace, depending upon the rooms one opts for, the rates vary from ₹20,000 to over a whopping ₹ 4,35,127 per individual guests. For celebrations, the catering price is said to be around ₹6500 excluding taxes, per plate as of 2019.

How much does a middle class Indian wedding cost?

From a small banquet, five-star hall to a farmhouse, the costs of venues differ. A hotel banquet venue usually costs between ₹25 to ₹50 lakhs with minimal decoration. Five-star banquets charge higher due to branding, usually above ₹50 lakhs.

Why is Nizam so rich?

During the period of the Nizams’ rule, Hyderabad became wealthy – thanks to the Golconda mines which were the ‘only sources of diamonds in the world market at that time (apart from South African mines) making the 7th Nizam the richest person in the world.

Is Falaknuma Palace open tomorrow?

Falaknuma Palace Hours Entrance is allowed only though Telangana Tourism – Nizam Palaces Tour: No tour from Monday- Friday. Saturday, Sunday: 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm.

What is Falaknuma palace famous for?

Also referred to as the ‘Mirror of the Sky’, it is well known for its architecture and for housing the largest Venetian chandeliers. The Palace has 40 beautiful Venetian chandeliers and a wide and varied collection of rare paintings, furniture, manuscripts, and the best collection of Qurans in India and statues.

How many rooms are there in Taj Falaknuma?

60 rooms
The five-star luxury hotel, spread over 32 acres, allows you to journey to the gilded ages, where opulence and excess is celebrated and savoured in equal measure. The 60 rooms and suites are beautifully refurbished and lovingly restored by Her Highness Princess Esra, the Nizam’s Turkish wife.

How much does a wedding cost at Taj Falaknuma?

The catering service was fantastic. What is the price per plate for a wedding event in Taj Falaknuma Palace? At Taj Falaknuma Palace, the price per plate for an event that includes beverages, food appetizers, main course and dessert items starts at ₹9,500.

How tall is Taj Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad?

Perched 2,000 feet above the city of Hyderabad, Taj Falaknuma Palace is a jewel amongst the clouds. Living upto it’s name, ‘Falaknuma’ translating to ‘Mirror of the sky’ in Urdu, there’s a great celestial touch in the palace’s design & architecture.

Can a royal wedding be held in a palace?

The biggest USP is of course that you can call your wedding a royal wedding, where else can you be married in a palace. Each of the 6o rooms or suites have been beautifully refurbished and restored by the Nizam’s Turkish wife.