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What is the correct way to pick up the room service tray?

What is the correct way to pick up the room service tray?

Retrieve a room service Tray:

  1. Place service ware, glasses, used linens and trash on the tray.
  2. Bend at the knees to pick up the tray. Pull the tray with one hand into the palm of the other hand.
  3. Balance the tray on your palm or Fingertip’s at shoulder height.
  4. Use your free hand to steady the tray as you stand.

What do you do with room service tray after eating?

What to Do with Room Service Tray. In most cases, you’ll place your room service tray outside your hotel room door after you’ve finished your meal. While you can wait for housekeepers to clear the tray, hotels prefer you call their room service staff and have them clear the tray.

What is room service etiquette?

Room Service The waiter will set up the meal in your room. When you’re finished, call room service to come for the tray or cart, instead of leaving it in the hall. A service charge is added to the bill. If a tip is not included on the bill, the usual amount to leave is 20 percent.

Are you supposed to tip room service?

Room-service staff should be tipped 15 to 20 percent of your total meal bill, according to a gratuity guide from the American Hotel & Lodging Association. Some hotels may include the gratuity on the bill; if this is the case, there’s no need for to tip the staff directly.

What are the difference between tray and trolleys?

A tray trolley will generally have three levels and will be able to accommodate up to six trays. Multiple trolleys can carry up to 20 or 30 trays.

How do you present a room service meal to the guest?

Room Service’s Order Flow

  1. Knock the door lightly.
  2. Announce yourself (room service~)
  3. Greet guest warmly.
  4. Use guest’s name.
  5. Ask if you may enter in the room.
  6. Ask where to set up order.
  7. Offer to pour beverage (bottle beverage)
  8. Service of the dinner according to the guest needs.

Do you tip for room service if there is a delivery charge?

You must tip the hotel employee who delivers room service. Then there’s a gratuity that may be automatically added, often in the vicinity of 18%. You certainly do not need to tip when two fees are added, service charge plus delivery charge, but I usually do it anyway to avoid guilt.”

What are the disadvantages of room service?


  • Food and drinks are much more expensive than average.
  • Hot food can become cold before delivery to the room.
  • The guest may be less likely to experience local food.
  • Guests cannot observe the food being prepared.

When food is served in the hotel room What is it called?

Room service
Room service or in-room dining is a hotel service enabling guests to choose items of food and drink for delivery to their hotel room for consumption. Room service is organised as a subdivision within the food and beverage department of high-end hotel and resort properties.

Do you tip housekeeping on last day?

“You should leave a tip for the cleaning staff after each night of your stay, including your last day before you check out. Tipping each day ensures that the person who actually cleaned your room that day receives your thanks.”

What are the standard amenities to be set up in a tray during breakfast?

The details of tray or trolleys set-up vary from establishment to establishment, but in most instances, there will be standard set-ups for:

  • Tea and Coffee Trays.
  • Ice Buckets.
  • Breakfast Trays and Trolleys.
  • Snack Trays.
  • Dinner Trays or Trolleys.
  • Champagne or Wine Trays.
  • Fruit Basket Trays.
  • Butters.

What are the two types of room service?

Room Service

  • Centralized room service.
  • Decentralized room service.
  • Sequence of order-taking in room Service.

What is the standard procedure of room service?

STANDARD OPERATIONAL PROCEDURE OF ROOM SERVICE 1 Order taking 2 Setting up tray / trolley 3 Delivering the order in the room 4 Prepare the tray / trolley for delivery 5 Tea / coffee service 6 Clearing tray 7 Presenting the bill 8 CIP / VIP Amenity Service 9 Morning shift / night shift check list 10 Take away (Parcel) order

How do I get my tray back from room service?

Carry the tray back from the room to room service pick up any other tray that you may find in the corridor / pantry. Be careful not to drop anything on the way. Inform the order taker about the clearance. Present the bill to the guest only after required service.

What should I check in my Room Service trolley?

Ensure the tray corners/ trolley base is free of grease, grime, and dirt. Place cruet sets, bud vase and Bon Appetite card for all meal orders. Check the tray mat / trolley cloth to be stain free and in good repair.

What’s the best way to order room service?

But go old-school, brother. “The person on the phone will tell you honestly the best dishes to order, because they know it will affect the tip for the waiter,” says Lisa Brefere, a former hotel chef who now runs her own consulting firm, Gigachef.