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What is difference between convex and concave?

What is difference between convex and concave?

Concave describes shapes that curve inward, like an hourglass. Convex describes shapes that curve outward, like a football (or a rugby ball).

Which is concave side?

Concave describes an inward curve; its opposite, convex, describes a curve that bulges outward. They are used to describe gentle, subtle curves, like the kinds found in mirrors or lenses. If you want to describe a bowl, you might say there is a large blue spot on the center of the concave side.

What are the 3 main differences between a convex and concave mirror?

Concave mirror Convex mirror
It is also called a converging mirror. It is also called a diverging mirror.
It has a real focus. It has a virtual focus.
The magnification of a concave mirror can be greater, equal or less than 1. The magnification of a convex mirror is always less than 1.

What is concave mirror with example?

Concave mirror v/s convex mirror – result

Concave mirror Convex Mirror
The examples of concave mirrors are the mirrors used in automobile head lights, reflecting telescopes, torch lights, etc. The examples of convex mirrors are the mirrors used as rear side mirrors of vehicles, optical instruments, calling bell, etc.

What are the similarities between concave and convex mirrors?

A convex lens acts a lot like a concave mirror. Both converge parallel rays to a focal point, have positive focal lengths, and form images with similar characteristics. A concave lens acts a lot like a convex mirror.

What shape is a concave?

Concave shapes are those shapes in which at least two sides are pushed inwards. Can you think of any space object that is concave in shape? A star is a concave shape.

What is a convex curve called?

A parabola, a simple example of a convex curve.

What are concave examples?

Unlike plain mirrors, spoons have curved surfaces. The front side of a spoon is curved inwards. Such a surface is called concave. The inside part of a bowl is also an example of a concave surface.

What are some examples of concave?

Some examples are binoculars, telescopes, eyeglasses, cameras, flashlights and lasers….Explanation:

  • Binoculars and telescopes.
  • Eye Glasses to correct nearsightedness.
  • Cameras.
  • Flashlights.
  • Lasers (CD, DVD players for example).

What is a convex and concave mirror?

A curved mirror is a mirror with a curved reflecting surface. The surface may be either convex (bulging outward) or concave (recessed inward). Most curved mirrors have surfaces that are shaped like part of a sphere, but other shapes are sometimes used in optical devices.

What are convex and concave mirror?

What does convex mean in math?

Convex, meaning “curving out” or “extending outward” (compare concave), may refer to: Convex Computer , a company that produced a number of vector supercomputers. Convex function, in mathematics. Convex lens, in optics. Convex polygon, a polygon in which no line segment between two points on the boundary ever goes outside the polygon.

Which side is convex?

In geometry, a convex curve is a simple curve in the Euclidean plane which lies completely on one side of each and every one of its tangent lines. The boundary of a convex set is always a convex curve.

What is an example of a convex shape?

The definition of convex is curving outwards like the edge of a circle. An example of convex is the shape of the lens in eyeglasses.

What are concave shapes?

concave shape – a shape that curves or bends inward. concavity, incurvation, incurvature. solid – a three-dimensional shape. dome – a concave shape whose distinguishing characteristic is that the concavity faces downward.