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What is a superseding agreement?

What is a superseding agreement?

This Agreement is the final, complete and exclusive expression of the agreement between the Company and the Executive and supersedes and replaces in all respects any prior oral or written employment agreements.

What does superceding mean?

Supercede is a fancy-sounding word for a simple concept: if someone cuts you in line, he supercedes you. To supercede is to take something or someone’s place. To supercede is to take someone else’s position. A basketball team that moves into first places supercedes the team that was in first place before.

What is supersede in real estate?

To obliterate, replace, make void, or useless. Supersede means to take the place of, as by reason of superior worth or right.

What does or mean in legal terms?

own recognizance
O.R. n. short for “own recognizance,” meaning the judge allowed a person accused in a criminal case to go free pending trial without posting bail. A person so released is often referred to as having been “OR-ed.”

What causes superseding?

Superseding cause is when an independent event occurred during an accident that keeps the negligent party (the defendant) safe from liability. Intervening Cause and Superseding Cause. Superseding cause might be thought of as being a step above intervening cause.

Does law supersede contract?

A contract cannot directly contradict the law; the law trumps any contracts, and contracts must be in accord with the law. However, sometimes a contract can, by how it defines a person or situation, remove the person or situation from the law’s coverage.

What is the difference between superseded and superseded?

Explanation: Supersede is the correct spelling. The word means to supplant or take the place of. Supercede is not a word, although you’d think it might be related to intercede and precede.

Which is the best definition for the word superseded as it it used in the sentence?

Supersede is defined as to replace. An example of supersede is for a new person to take the place of the old class president.

What takes precedence in a contract?

Any inconsistency in this solicitation or contract shall be resolved by giving precedence in the following order: (a) The Schedule (excluding the specifications). (b) Representations and other instructions. (c) Contract clauses. (d) Other documents, exhibits, and attachments.

Is superseded?

set aside as void, useless, irrelevant, or obsolete, usually in consideration of something mentioned: If a document has not been rescinded, but a portion of the content no longer applies, the superseded portion will be grayed out electronically.

What is the legal term for being held against your will?

False imprisonment occurs when someone confines or detains another person against their will and without any legal justification.

How do you spell supercede correctly?

Supersede is the correct spelling. The word means to supplant or take the place of. Supercede is not a word, although you’d think it might be related to intercede and precede. Superseed would be like the ones that grew Jack’s bean stalk.

What does it mean to supersede?

Legal Definition of supersede. 1 : to subject to postponement or suspension especially : to suspend the operation of (a judgment or order) by means of a supersedeas. 2 : to take the place of in authority : preempt, override. 3 : to take the place of and render null or ineffective.

What does superadding mean?

verb (used with object), su·per·sed·ed, su·per·sed·ing. to replace in power, authority, effectiveness, acceptance, use, etc., as by another person or thing. to take the place of (something old-fashioned or less appropriate); supplant